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Below is a linear timeline of all known events that take place in the Omni 01 universe. For all intents and purposes, this is considered the master timeline. Due to the large time scale, exact dates are not always available, so events are ordered by relative chronological order.

Beyond Omni 01

Events that occur beyond Omni 01 do not necessarily fit on a linear timeline as they take place in other universes where time may flow differently.

  • The Basilisk forms after various unknown civilizations construct them.
  • The Kwek species is conquered by the Basilisk.
  • The Serpent's Fang is founded.

Pre-Empire of Arckas

  • The Omni 01 universe is formed with the Big Bang.
  • The Promorin species evolves.
  • The Aeliph and the Mavetian species evolve within several million years of one another.
  • The Aeliph develop civilization on the planet Aaba'Mundi.
  • The Mavetians develop civilization on the planet Mavet.
  • The Aeliph invent technomancy.
  • The mythical Aeliph Arckas is said to have begun experimenting with the creation of god machines.

Empire of Arckas Era

Main article: History of the Empire of Arckas

The Empire of Arckas lasted for at least several billion years. Even to the latter periods of the empire, the golden age has become the subject of legend.

Early history

  • Arckas founds the Empire of Arckas. Many megastructures are constructed throughout the universe as the Empire of Arckas shares ideas with alternate counterparts of itself.
  • Arckas becomes the first ruler of the Empire of Arckas after becoming a god machine himself. He seeks to encourage creativity under his dominions.
  • A civil war threatens to destroy the Empire of Arckas.
  • Na'zrah is created.
  • Arckas abdicates his throne to Na'zrah. He retires as a watcher in the background.

Golden Age

  • In the Omni 01 universe, Na'zrah successfully brings peace to the Empire of Arckas. In multiple divergent timelines, Na'zrah instead mutates into the Basilisk and becomes a vicious subjugator.
  • Na'zrah encourages the citizens of the empire to build other worlds under his leadership.
  • Hades founds an empire of Mavetians in the Gehenna Galaxy.
  • The Majar-kan are founded when more hostile species are encountered.
    • Amulets of fifth-dimensional perception, later known as Amulets of the Tokarthi, are first created as standard issue equipment for the Majar-kan.
  • Necros kills the starwyrm Frostscyll.

Multiversal War

Main article: Multiversal War
  • Adjacent universes and alternate realities threaten Omni 01.
  • The Multiversal War spreads to Omni 01.
  • The Zadon species' culture and history become influenced by the Serpent's Fang.
  • The Na'zratal are founded as a breakaway sect of the Majar-kan.
  • Aaba'Mundi, the Aeliph's homeworld, is destroyed.
  • The Multiversal War forces Arckas to close Omni 01 from other universes to protect itself from the Basilisk. This effectively cuts off a major energy source as the empire can no longer explore other universes for resources.

Heat Death Crisis

The Heat Death Crisis becomes a prevalent threat after the empire is cut off from their theoretical unlimited energy by harnessing the power of other universes.

  • The Heat Death Crisis begins. The Collective rebels against the Empire of Arckas, criticizing them for lack of efficiency and accelerating the heat death of the universe.
  • The Anathema are created to manage the heat death.
  • The Iztur species evolves on the planet Zema.
  • Minos-Vaskus destroys the Mavetian civilization.
  • The Collective hacks the Anathema to attack the Empire of Arckas.
  • Aeliph colonists on the planet Rephaim are attacked by a rogue group of Na'zratal. Several million of them go into stasis.
  • The Empire of Arckas is peacefully dismantled. A project is undertaken to seed the universe with life.
  • Departure of the Arckasians
    • Approximately 95% of all Arckasians depart Omni 01 for other universes.

Between the Empire of Arckas Era and the Omni Empire Era

  • The Reshans settle the Crucible Galaxy after evolving on a planet orbiting a megastructure known as Ebon.
  • The Reshans mysteriously go extinct.

Omni Empire Era


  • Antocula is discovered by a band of treasure hunters lead by Hanvel.
  • The Omni Akhir makes a pilgrimage to visit Na'zrah.
  • LUCIS is created based on Na'zrah's code. It is rumored that agents of the Serpent's Fang communicated with Omni scientisits to have LUCIS serve as a conduit to allow the Basilisk to enter Omni 01.

Height of the Empire

  • Emperor Haraxa rises to power to conquer the Crucible Galaxy.
  • The Omni Empire makes contact with the starwyrm Jormun.
  • In the Karalian Calendar System, the earliest point of the First Age of the Vaikan begins approximately two million years before the Battle of Domum Regimen.
  • The Omni visit Ucharpli to meddle with the Vaikan's evolution.
  • Spodan creates the Drussiray based on the DNA of the Iztur.
  • Veset discovers a device used by the Empire of Arckas to terraform worlds.
  • Veset repairs the terraforming device after 40 years of research. It is called Veset's Terraforming Device.
  • Emperor Haraxa confiscates Veset's Terraforming Device.


  • The Dark Warriors assassinate Haraxa and LUCIS is put into a failsafe recovery mode. Haraxa's consciousness is preserved after LUCIS converts him into INFRA.
  • Buyuk Civil War
    • INFRA creates the Buyuk Empire.
    • Gro'zorg makes a last stand against the Buyuk Empire.
  • Omni Extermination
    • The Buyuk Empire aims to exterminate all the Omni.
    • Veset recovers the terraforming device and escapes to the Galactic Core.

Galactic Dark Ages

First Galactic Senate Era

  • The First Galactic Senate is founded after the Karnasians get the Buyuk Empire to agree to a ceasefire.
  • The Larrax uplift the Rithyar.
  • The Ramusian Socialist Republic is founded.
  • The Children of the Dhragolon is founded.
  • The Tokarthi begin their expedition across the galaxy in search of lost technology from their ancestors, the Aeliph.
  • War against the Galasuron Imperium and the Children of the Dhragolon.
    • The Galasuron uplift the Garro species to use as soldiers.
    • After the war, the Children of the Dhragolon help the surviving Garro become independent and spacefaring.
  • The Parsayan War takes place. The Ramusian Socialist Republic and the Children of the Dhragolon fight for control over the Krizael Expanse.
  • The Lon-Delson War takes place where the Children of the Dhragolon make an aggressive first contact with the Delson Hegemony over colonization rights of the regions east of the Twin Hearts Nebula.
  • Tharadorn Retaliation - The Tharadorn began to aggressively demand tributes from the Children of the Dhragolon resulting in a war that led to the Tharadorn's extinction.
  • Kansar Supernova - The star Kansar goes supernova and creates the Kansar Nebula.
    • The planet Chthurag is hit with gamma ray bursts, almost completely destroying Garrkorian civilization.
  • The Allied Sovereign Nations is founded.
  • Prince Tylos is stranded on Solania.
  • Sterility Plague
    • The Drussiray visit the Cinder Reaches, accidentally bringing back the sterility plague with them.
    • The sterility plague infects the Vaikan.
  • Tokarthi War
    • The Tokarthi go to war with the Drussiray.
    • The Ashadrans are created by combining Vaikan DNA with Ghorax.
  • The Carapellex are created by the Vaikan.
  • The Elkrari create a wormhole to Chthurag and make first contact with the Garrkorians.

Buyuk Wars Era

Second Galactic Senate Era

Era of Peace

  • The members of the Second Galactic Senate share ideas with one another.
  • Verina Mayn rises as the champion of Myth Galaxy.
  • Verina Mayn is banned from tournaments after being caught using adrenaline.
  • Verina Mayn joins the Karalian Legion.

Temporal Wars

  • Temporal Wars
    • After attempting to use the Amulet of Tokarthi again, Galiana witnesses other universes where the Basilisk exists. She isolates herself and refuses to talk about what she saw in order to protect others from the Basilisk's cognitohazard abilities. These events draw attention by the Anarsaurs who have been monitoring the uses of the amulet.
    • Tyranis arrives from the Omni 03 universe in an attempt to change the predicted course of events of Omni 01. A future prediction shows that LUCIS will evolve into the Basilisk if allowed to be unleashed. Other members of the Anarsaurs try to stop his interference as they believe he risks causing further damage.

Chaos Crisis

  • The KE and UESS dispute over the Gimheldt system.
  • A cold war begins between the KE and UESS as they make use of proxy nations.
  • The Karalian Civil War breaks out between the Karalian Empire and the Confederacy of Greenwater. The UESS attempts to play both sides.
  • Verina Mayn goes AWOL.
  • Namai is invaded by the UESS.
  • Jaran is invaded by the UESS.
  • The DEV Bor'Si explores the Atgal system. Most of the crew are killed by the Mahra-Bondo parasite.

Return of LUCIS

  • LUCIS awakens from the planet Debesis. Immediately, he begins spreading to former Na'zrah nodes.
  • Fall of the Second Galactic Senate
    • LUCIS infiltrates and takes over the operating systems of Domum Regimen, thus indoctrinating the citizens and many important Senate leaders in one fell swoop. The already destabilizing situation of the Crucible Galaxy is made worse as local governors struggle to maintain control.
    • LUCIS sends a series of viruses to take control of jumpgates part of critical trading infrastructure.
  • Uszaroth is discovered on planet Alk'charis where he remained imprisoned for thousands of years. They consult him in locating other potential survivors of the Empire of Arckas or anyone who might have knowledge on how to stop LUCIS.
  • The Anathema are unleashed to use against LUCIS. While it is successful, the remains of the Senate struggle to contain it as it begins to target thousands of planets for destruction.

Anathema Wars

Main article: Anathema Wars
  • The Eye of Uszaroth goes supernova marking the starting date of the Sixth Age of the Vaikan. Over the course of the next few years, gamma ray bursts would reach the surrounding systems.
    • The Karalian citizens in the Twin Hearts Nebula are forced to evacuate to the Krizael Expanse.
    • Ner'Ackarra is rendered uninhabitable.
    • Ucharpli's ecosystem is irreparably damaged though life still exists on the planet.
  • Zema is destroyed by the Anathema.
  • Uszaroth brings GSSOC to Hades in Brunikor where they discuss ways to stop the Anathema. It is revealed that the Anathema can be contained by banishing them to another universe. However, that universe would be left to deal with the Anathema. Thus, a decision had to made in order to minimize the number of potential casualties.

Battle of Brunikor

  • It is determined that the pocket dimension Brunikor has the means of safely containing the Anathema. GSSOC offers to help evacuate the native Mavetians. Hades is vehemently opposed to this as that would mean the loss of the final Arckasian civilization in Omni 01.
  • With the Anathema about to spread to other galaxies and trillions of people about to die, GSSOC is left with no choice but to directly attack Brunikor to lead the Anathema there.
  • Hades eventually surrenders and decides to stay behind in Brunikor as the Anathema are contained. Brunikor is destroyed, but the Crucible Galaxy is finally safe.

The Last Senate Conference

  • One final meeting of the Second Galactic Senate is held, inviting any remaining survivors willing to attend. It takes several years to reach out due to a lack of jumpgates.
  • Majority of representatives that used to be in the Senate convene. It is decided that the best course of action is to formally dissolve the Senate for good and allow all surviving species to flourish on their own.

Post-Anathema Era



  • Prince Tylos escapes from Solania and finds himself thousands of years in the future. He finds the location of the old Spodan Archives. He takes upon a new mission to document everything that he missed, visiting various planets and conducting interviews.
  • Many years later, Tylos becomes the king of New Exodus. He tells the story of "Galactic Crucibles" to his grandchildren, recounting the history of the Crucible Galaxy from the time of the Empire of Arckas to the defeat of the Anathema.