Veset's Terraforming Device

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Veset's Terraforming Device was a powerful tool that could produce a simple, yet stable ecosystem over the span of 48 hours. It was originally an artifact from the toolset of the Empire of Arckas who used similar devices to seed the galaxy with life before they departed for other universes.



The Omni scientist Veset had discovered it in the Arckasian ruins - the only known surviving sample. However, much of the functionality for it was missing including the most crucial component - the biomatter synthesizer. Veset dedicated 40 standard years researching and learning how to restore the device. Even for the galactic-spanning Omni Empire, the device was still thousands of years ahead of their technology. Afterwards, the device was confiscated by Emperor Haraxa who used it aid in colonizing and expanding the empire. Veset was furious, but could do nothing about it as the emperor threatened to indoctrinate him using LUCIS if he did not comply. As such, he went into exile on a planet that orbited a black hole.

Hiding the device

When the revolution at the hands of the Dark Warriors came about, Veset realized that with the impending collapse of the empire, he took advantage of the chaos and confusion and stole back the device. However, with the rise of the Buyuk Empire and its threat to destroy the Omni, Veset had no choice but to flee. Hoping to find a way to return the device to its rightful owners - the Arckasians - he entered the Galactic Core with the device. He would not be seen again for thousands of years, but the rest of his kind went extinct.

Veset did not know how long he would spend in the Galactic Core. The time dilation accelerated him forward about ten thousand years. During that time, he studied the Galactic Core looking for evidence of the Empire of Arckas - specifically, the entrance to their capital, the Omniverse Nexus. He realized soon that the Empire of Arckas had closed off the way to other universes, but not knowing the state of the galaxy after the Buyuk Empire's take over, he decided it was best to remain in the Galactic Core for someone to find him and tell him about the galaxy.

Transfer to the Karalian Empire

King Rustiagon Reckar, one of the kings of the Karalian Empire, had gone on an expedition to the Galactic Core, also hearing of the legends of the Empire of Arckas. He discovered Veset inside. Veset, knowing that Reckar might be capable of avenging his people, gave him the device. Veset remained behind continuing his studies of the Galactic Core.