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A Dark Warrior is an ancient order of warriors that date to the era of the Omni Empire. They are a highly secretive organization with a quiet intent of following the will of their gods, known as the Titans. Dark Warriors were once found throughout the Crucible Galaxy. They are responsible for the assassination of Emperor Haraxa.


Every Dark Warrior is in possession of a Jormun's Ring, a device that generates sonic black holes, effectively making them completely silent. Higher ranking Dark Warriors also possess small-scale wormhole generators allowing them to travel short distances instantaneously. This has allowed them to sneak up on their targets at efficient, deadly speed.



According to Dark Warrior legend, when the Omni Empire reached its apex, it tyrannically ruled over the Crucible Galaxy and its satellites. The founder of the Dark Warriors (simply called Founder as his original name was lost to history) claimed to have been contacted by the Titans in a vision, telling him to tear down the Empire. The cycle of life had demanded new civilizations be born and the Omni Empire was preventing that.

The Founder assembled a multitude of other individuals, operating silently to assassinate the empire's government officials until it plunged into a civil war. They finished the job with the death of the Omni emperor himself, Emperor Haraxa.