Emperor Haraxa

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"For too long, my species has looked down and persecuted the ambitious. Only through my guidance can the Omni truly flourish as an empire. I will build an eternal civilization - the last galactic empire."
―Haraxa shortly after becoming emperor

Emperor Haraxa has the reputation as being the first, only and last Omni Emperor. He is an autopath, an Omni with a mental disorder that causes deep ambition and individualism.

When he began to view the Senate in the Republic of the Omni as incompetent, he led a coup de etat to convert the government into an empire. When he took control, he uncovered the Republic's hidden knowledge of Novarckas and Na'zrah whom the Senators did not act upon.

Thus, Haraxa began to use the knowledge to build an AI known as the Dark Oracle, based off of Antocula, Na'zrah's statistical analysis unit. The Dark Oracle is considered by many historians to be a prototype of LUCIS as the Omni only had enough technical resources for a smaller scale project. The Dark Oracle only extended as far as Kollha, the Omni homeworld, leading to an era of black market trade off-world.





Haraxa would eventually be assassinated by a group known as the Dark Warriors. However, Haraxa "survived" by passing on his consciousness to LUCIS. Haraxa would be repurposed and transformed into a cloud AI named INFRA who created the Buyuk Empire.