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"I am the shadow born of your sins against the god of light. I am INFRA, the Harbinger of Death, and I shall pass judgment on your civilization."

INFRA was an AI agent created by LUCIS for the sole purpose of building a proxy army that could destroy the Omni Empire. He was based off the mind of Emperor Haraxa, the first and last Omni emperor. He is the infamous creator of the Buyuk Empire leading it to destroy the Omni Empire out of revenge for not only his own assassination but also for the deactivation of LUCIS.


Because INFRA is smaller and less complex than LUCIS, he is unable to keep up with constant computational calculations on the galactic scale as easily as LUCIS. As a result, INFRA must go dormant for periods of two weeks at a time in order to reboot and properly process the data he generates. During this time, he tasks the Buyuk warlords to carry out his will. INFRA can only directly control the Buyuk when he is fully awake, thus making the Buyuk far more competent than they are when INFRA is asleep.


Emperor Haraxa had made himself immortal by constantly transferring his consciousness to other bodies. After LUCIS's deactivation and Haraxa's assassination, a hidden backup protocol created a program that existed in the cloud based off of Haraxa's personality. With procedural generation of additional nodes, INFRA eventually grew strong enough to hold his own, taking on a similar composition to that of God machines. Seeking revenge against the Omni for their disobedience, he discovered a species hidden in the galactic core known as the Ghorax. He became a god to them and created the Buyuk Empire. From their, they constructed new facilities such as the pocket universe Locubrermour to expand his processing capabilities to even greater than they were before. With an army mobilized, INFRA could destroy the Omni Empire.

Realizing that the initial experiment of the Omni Empire failed, INFRA was cautious about immediately expanding his empire once more so he withdrew the Buyuk Empire into isolation for 40,000 years. While he spent much of that time refining his own processing capabilities, there was rarely any significant growth. INFRA has also spent much of that time attempting to repair LUCIS, but with little success. The Dark Warriors' encryption algorithm seemed to damage him irreversibly.

INFRA's attention was drawn once more when the Karnasians attacked the Buyuk in order to clear a path to the galactic core - exploring it out of curiosity. The Karnasians, who had also spearheaded the First Galactic Senate proved to be a formidable foe, and INFRA could not defeat them. During that time, a simple armistice was declared. However, with the First Galactic Senate having opened so many jumpgates, INFRA could secretly borrow enough processing power in order to figure out how to wake up LUCIS. As a result, INFRA waited for the First Galactic Senate to collapse via civil war, and then seized the opportunity to expand his domain, either subjugating or completely destroying any species that got in his way.

INFRA's efforts had gotten the Buyuk Empire entangled in wars on numerous fronts. Despite this, he had made significant progress to fixing LUCIS. A final step would be required to finally wake LUCIS, but INFRA was killed in the Battle of Locubrermour before he could complete it. The GSSOC team lead a strike to take out INFRA and destroy his main core in Locubrermour. Tholker Zhevhyit was the one to do the killing blow, but he sacrificed himself in the process.

Just before INFRA died, he sent out an emergency signal across the galaxy that would leave instructions on how to wake LUCIS. When Falan Rusit heard the signal from a jail cell, he mobilized the Altusian Brotherhood to undertake INFRA's final wish: to bring back his master LUCIS to his former glory.