Altusian Brotherhood

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The Altusian Brotherhood is a fanatic group of Ashadrans who rejected worship of Selvarius in favor INFRA. They were originally based off the theocratic nation of Altusia. Altusia had etymological similarities to the ancient Vaikan bloodline of Altus who infamously produced the brutal dictator Altus Banya.


Though Falan Rusit was designated one of the Chosen Ones of the Altusian Brotherhood, the organization has roots elsewhere in the galaxy as a fanatic culture remnant from the Tokarthi War hundreds of years ago. The Ashadran people - descended from Vaikan POW's who were augmented by the Tokarthi with Buyuk technology - would split themselves into multiple factions following the disappearance of the Tokarthi as a people. Selvarius uploaded his consciousness to serve as a god to the Ashadrans who were left over from the war.

All was not well, however. A group of fanatics believed Selvarius to be a false god, and instead, the god of the Buyuk INFRA, was the real one. For centuries, the Ashadrans suffered civil war over differing interpretations of the electromagnetic transmissions passed through the galaxy - the voices of INFRA.

When the Buyuk were stopped, the voice of INFRA ceased. The fanatic INFRA followers dwindled in number, and most instead became followers of Selvarius. Of the few that remained claimed to hear voices from a force even greater than INFRA known as LUCIS. They believed INFRA was to be reborn in his most powerful form LUCIS. As such, they began searching for Chosen Ones who could hear the voices of LUCIS. Though Falan Rusit was not an Ashadran, he had heard the clearest voice of LUCIS, and thus, the fanatic Ashadrans congregated together and dubbed him the leader of the Altusian Brotherhood.