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The Tokarthi were a civilization that were members of the First Galactic Senate.


The Tokarthi are descendants of the Aeliph species having evolved on the planet Rephaim, a world orbiting the class K star Roah. Rephaim was originally an artificial planet known to be billions of years old originally created by the Empire of Arckas an outpost world to observe life in the star cluster filled with multiple protostars that would eventually become the Kansar Nebula. Rephaim's core systems were sabotaged by a rogue group of Na'zratal forcing millions of Aeliph to either flee or go into stasis.

Over billions of years, Rephaim decayed and endured asteroid strikes, eventually forming a landscape that appeared as a mix of artificial and natural. When the stasis pods containing the Aeliph survivors reactivated, they found an unrecognizable world with all their previous technology virtually unusable. Thus, they evolved completely from scratch to the point of becoming an entirely different species: the Tokarthi.

When they reached spacefaring capabilities by the time of the early First Galactic Senate, they went on numerous archaeological expeditions over thousands of years looking to rebuild and rediscover many of the Aeliph's lost technologies. Some of these technologies remained impossible to use due to their reliance on galactic megastructures that have since fallen into neglect. However, the Tokarthi did rediscover technomancy by reactivating a lost Na'zrah node located in Rephaim's core. As the node's personality and direct connection to Na'zrah himself was lost, the Tokarthi instead reverse engineered it to suit their own needs. A scientist named Selvarius volunteered to upload his own consciousness to the node and become a god machine - thus making the Tokarthi's technomancy possible.

At some point, the Tokarthi entered into a war with the First Drussiray Empire who had seen their creation of Selvarius as an affront to the gods. With the Drussiray fiercely determined to destroy them, the Tokarthi eventually had to resort to creating genetic supersoldiers. The Tokarthi created the Ashadrans by augmenting them with special cells that allowed them to biologically make use of technomancy.

With the war having ended with the total collapse of the Tokarthi empire, most of the surviving Tokarthi chose to go into permanent cryostasis - donating the computational power of their brains to the Selvarius AI.