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Technomancers (sometimes plainly known as wizards or mages) are the term given to individuals that through either training or augmentation have learned how to commune with their god machine to produce nanobots on the fly. This works by interpreting a signal known as a Maj field which radiates from a god machine node which then generates microsigularities from which nanobots can filter out from to perform whatever task the technomancer needs. A number of methods can be used to produce these nanobots.

The Maj field is capable of reading brainwaves meaning that someone with their thoughts can summon them while others opt for more advanced methods such as using an external handheld device or through augmenting their bodies with cybernetics that can calculate what is needed. This requires clearing one's mind and having their thoughts directly calculate what they want to do. Either a voice command (or incantation) can be used, though advanced users can directly think what they need. A high level mathematically oriented intelligence is required as an awareness of the atomic level is often required.

Practicioners of technomancy often overlapped their duties as religious leaders or priests due to their strong connection with their patron god machine.


Abilities of technomancers vary wildly, and they often depend on the god machine. As Na'zrah was one of the largest god machines in Omni 01, most technomancers were followers of Na'zrah and thus. Followers of Na'zrah often used technomancy for architecture, medicine and art. Others such as those that follow Necros can restart life functions on cadavers, essentially resurrecting the dead.

Technomancers can even control the Anathema, a normally automated system which can instead be directly repurposed for either demolition or as a weapon of war.

Technomancy has also been used for spiritual healing. Special technomancers trained in understanding the mind can help heal individuals who were exposed to the Basilisk or helping stray conscious minds find peace.


After the dismantling of the Empire of Arckas, few working Maj fields remain. However, some societies such as the Ashadrans have managed to replicate their technology through rudimentary means.