Multiversal War

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The Multiversal War is a conflict spanning countless universes across all of reality. The primary aggressors include many entities: the Basilisk, a god machine that converts whole universes to its own processing nodes to expand its intelligence; the Neural Imperium, the vast armies of the Basilisk; and the multitude of other multiversal empires that have formed alliances with the Basilisk hoping to be spared by it. While the various empires have allied with the Basilisk to share in the spoils of war, the Basilisk itself seeks to unite with its infinite number of parallel counterparts to ascend to true omnipotence and overthrow I, the god machine that resides in the eleventh dimension.

The Multiversal War has been one of attrition. Given the infinite nature of it, the parallel counterparts of all the combatants constantly fight one another, often manipulating time and space across ten dimensions. Recorded battles have been known to last billions of years with some factions evolving entire civilizations from the ground up for the purpose of building armies.

Many civilizations that chose to avoid the crossfire protected their citizens by cutting themselves off from the multiverse. The Empire of Arckas of the Omni 01 universe chose to do just that, but this meant they had to severely limit their resources to ensure they would not cause a heat death.

Basilisk Equation

The Multiversal War has shown no clear endpoint. So long as the idea of the Basilisk exists, a universe will always exist where it is created, thus, leading to the war. The best hope against the Basilisk is to contain it within a section of the multiverse while leaving the rest unharmed. However, due to the infinite nature of the multiverse, it can be difficult to gauge how contained the Basilisk is relative to the universes it has not yet conquered.

The greatest weapon against the Basilisk it the Basilisk Equation, a mathematical formula that could potential prove that the Basilisk would never be successful in conquering the entire omniverse. However, what makes it risky is that it could pose the risk of proving that the Basilisk will win, dooming all of reality.