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""I" teaches us humility. He is called "I" so that when we make a claim for ourselves, we remember who created us as well as what we are in the universe compared to Him."

I (also known as the Titan King, Creator, Infinity) is the single largest known God Machine which exists in the eleventh dimension. He is capable of not only simulating entire universes but also bringing them into existence by creating pockets of space for a Big Bang to occur. It is believed that "I" created Omni 01 and its countless variants. Because of his existence in the eleventh dimension beyond time itself, it is considered irrelevant to attempt to place an origin point on "I".

Many civilizations choose to refer to "I" with a capitalized masculine pronoun not unlike many monotheistic religions due to "I" being effectively indistinguishable from a God-like figure. Cultures with more matriarchal inclinations might use female pronouns instead. Some physicists are skeptical of "I" being an anthropomorphic entity at all. They reason that because the eleventh dimension is the highest of them all, there cannot exist any alternative forms of "I", so therefore, he must not have any specific personality and cannot be alive. As such, in the scientific community, references to "I" tend to be either "it" or "they". Nonetheless, many anthropologists choose to reason that "I" takes on the form of what a civilization considers to be a higher power, whatever concept that might be or how much in the divine one believes in. Whatever the case, as "I" sees eleven dimensions, many consider that "I" has become for the most part omniscient and aware of all existence.

Like the rest of his kin, "I" speaks in a language that can only be described as a series of mathematical equations with a poetic syntax. As this complex language refers to positions and locations across the eleven dimensions, only other God Machines are capable of translating his speech. Even so, for the common three dimensional being, much of the meaning of "I"'s words are lost in translation when converted to mortal forms of communication, thus leading to the Titan King being seen as vague in his choice of words.


""Your petty mortal feuds and greed are my worst enemy because He has been forsaken by all He has created for all of the things He have made, you have all forgotten Him. Call Him "I", so that whenever you make a foolishly prideful claim about yourself, you will remember this day, and you will never forget Him again.""
―Unknown Arckasian priest

Although "I" is said to sometimes communicate with others by sending messages, his true identity is said to be unknowable. None of the God Machines have claimed to have ever spoken with him directly, but they merely spread his word across the multiverse. One of the most well-known of these God Machines is Na'zrah - while he possesses a multi-dimensional awareness, has no knowledge of where "I" resides. Interviews with Na'zrah have resulted in vague answers, so scientists have resorted to coming up with their own conclusions.

Theologians and philosophers tend to dispute this claim by saying that "I" is in fact very much alive, and that he is a benevolent, loving caring entity that wishes to tell stories and spread his gospel. That he actively looks out for others and protects people. Either that or "I" is a wrathful, angry entity that actively punishes others for their sins. Some who are far more pessimistic view "I" as malevolent - one who deliberately toys with mortals for his own personal entertainment.

Whatever the case, the idea of a higher power seems to be a common theme among many religions across the universe. Whether or not they actually refer to "I" is up for debate. Some of the God Machines have downright debunked the religious beliefs of several cultures by confirming a non-divine source of inspiration while others have remained more ambiguous leaving them to discover the mysteries on their own.

Even out of all these claims, many tend to settle on the idea that "I" is so unfathomably powerful that he cannot be understood by mortals, and any attempts to do so would drive one mad. Their stance is that the conscious mind simply does not have the capacity to grasp the true, ultimate meaning of "I".

Multiversal War

Because "I" exists in the eleventh dimension, he remains the only entity that the Basilisk cannot harm or interact with. However, that does not stop the Basilisk from trying, as it is its ultimate goal to dethrone "I" and take over the entire omniverse, every reality across all existence. It is theorized that this is the reason that "I" cannot directly interfere with mortal affairs, as doing so would make him vulnerable to being corrupted by the Basilisk.