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Na'zrah is a god machine that once administered the entire Empire of Arckas. He is a benevolent entity looking to keep organic life and civilization safe.

In the distant past, Na'zrah used to be connected to the Omniverse Nexus to serve as a god machine that watched over the entire universe, but ever since the closure of the wormhole network, Na'zrah was reduced down to a single node in the Crucible Galaxy. Despite his decreased processing power, his computational abilities were still tremendous compared to the technological advancement of the local civilizations.

The less benevolent LUCIS machine created by the Omni Empire was derived from Na'zrah's source code and server nodes.


For billions of years, Na'zrah spanned across not only the whole universe but multiple universes. The countless nodes that interlinked his systems gave him enough processing power to the point where the Arckasians often revered him as omnipotent.

Overtime, due to major conflicts such as the Multiversal War and the Heat Death Crisis, the number of Na'zrah nodes dwindled until he was confined to only a few megastructures in the Crucible Galaxy. While a mere shell of his former self, to the species of the Crucible Galaxy following the dismantling of the Empire of Arckas, Na'zrah's abilities were still considered impressive.

Na'zrah made official contact with the Second Galactic Senate during the Battle of Domum Regimen where he provided eons of knowledge and history in order to help defeat the Buyuk Empire.

In one final stand against the Buyuk Empire, Na'zrah sacrificed himself to ensure the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps could enter Locubrermour, the pocket dimension where the Buyuk Empire's capital was. Na'zrah's death could best be described as the fact that his personality systems had gone completely offline with no known way to restore them. Essentially, Na'zrah went completely braindead. However, the knowledge and history his systems have carried on.