Battle of Domum Regimen

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The Battle of Domum Regimen is considered the event that marks the official start of the Second Galactic Senate. It is also the event used as a reference point in the Timeline of Omni 01 where dates are measured a standard number of years before and after the battle.



The last surviving node of the god machine Na'zrah was discovered to be the megastructure known as Domum Regimen. Once occupied by ancient Karnasians, it was the former capital of the First Galactic Senate. After its fall, the Buyuk Empire seized control of it, spending many years interrogating Na'zrah's systems in an attempt to discover how to reactivate LUCIS.

The Buyuk Empire had enforced a terrible reign across the galaxy, conquering and occasionally exterminating other species that interfered with their goals. However, their war across the entire galaxy gradually stretched their resources thin eventually leaving themselves potentially vulnerable to a well-coordinated attack. Despite this, such an attack would not be possible without the combined effort of multiple civilizations. As such, a secret war alliance was forged between various species across the galaxy who collectively agreed that the Buyuk Empire could pose a major threat to the Crucible Galaxy if they were allowed to continue their plans. Their goal was to drive the Buyuk out from Domum Regimen while liberating Na'zrah from control of the Buyuk.

Although little was known of Na'zrah's motivations, past archaeological digs and historical references to Na'zrah meant that regardless, capturing Domum Regimen would be a major win for the new alliance. The trove of history and potential for the discovery of lost technologies could give them a fighting chance in finally ending the Buyuk threat for good.


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