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The Crucible Galaxy is a large, barred-spiral galaxy with many smaller satellite galaxies. The Crucible Galaxy has a rich history dating back billions of years inhabited by multiple interstellar civilizations.


10 regions were classified by the Second Galactic Senate, with different classification systems being used by other governments such as the First Galactic Senate or the Buyuk Empire. The 10-region system classified the galaxy based on Jumpgate routes active within the era following the Battle of Domum Regimen, which had often shaped the culture and history of different civilizations throughout said regions via their interactions with other alien species.

Cinder Reaches

The Cinder Reaches followed the Outer Arm to its tip. This region did not directly border the Galactic Core, so the species here were not as affected by the Buyuk Wars

Relicant Space

Relicant Space was so named for being the cradle, and grave, of once powerful civilizations by the time of the Second Senate. It was here that the Omni and the Taroran originated. In an attempt to control the flow of Ygsium and Omni artifacts (potentially including priceless treasures and exorbitantly destructive weapons), the Senate attempted to regulate passage to this region as much as possible without infringing on the rights of its native civilizations.

Inner Systems

This region consists of the space surrounding the root of the Near Arm of the Crucible Galaxy - Near, that is, to Domum Regimen.

Dhragolon Expanse

So named after the Dhragolon, religious figures originating from Vaikan culture, it's perhaps unsurprising that the Dhragolon Expanse was filled with Karalian Empire colonies, and Vaikan-related species such as the Carapellex and the Ashadran. Its border with the Inner Systems was drafted based on clusters and jumpgates colonized or claimed by the Karalian Empire and UESS forming "dots" on a map that invisible lines were drawn between.

Pilgrim's Esplanade

The Pilgrim's Esplanade began where the further reaches of the Dragholon Expanse gave way. Many in the latter region viewed jumping out of the Dragholon Expanse for this region was leaving "civilized space." Travelling through this region, jumpgates became fewer and farther between, with senate civilizations' expeditions finding more dead ends and more hostile aliens.

Starsea Promontory

Past the Pilgrim's Esplanade lay a vast region of mostly unexplored space. Few civilizations known to the Second Senate originated here.

Outer Frontier

The region on the opposite side of the galaxy from Domum Regimen. Few civilizations known to the Second Senate originated here.

Galactic Core Zone

The Galactic Core Zone is a region with large amounts of gravity and dangerous amounts of radiation. It consists of the Inner Core and the Outer Core, with the inner being almost completely uninhabitable by carbon-based life. The GCZ was mostly associated by the Senate public with the ultra-jingoistic Buyuk Empire, which was constantly at war with almost ever member of the Second Galactic Senate.


Nearby galaxies


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