The Scar

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The Scar is an abnormal void of stars in the Outer Frontier of the Crucible Galaxy. Within a span of several thousand lightyears towards the middle part of the galaxy, there are virtually no other stars or planets. In the centermost portions of the Scar, the night sky would be completely dark. The Scar is situated approximately 3,500 lightyears from the Acheron Nebula.

The absence of stars in this area is not a natural occurrence but rather the work of the Collective who attempted to use the Anathema against the Boneyard Necromancers. Although the Boneyard Necromancers were responsible for much of the energy accelerating the heat death, the Collective were the first to attack. They struck a major capital area in close proximity to the Acheron Nebula in an attempt to destroy Necros. The resulting counterattack by Necros devastated the area resulting in the deaths of billions of Arckasians. It took the intervention of Na'zrah to hastily put in a truce.



Main article: Thenebria

Thenebria is a rogue planet that over the course of billions of years drifted into the heart of the Scar. On the surface, it appears completely barren, but beneath its ice capped surface are vast oceans teeming with life. An intelligent species of deep-sea cephalopod known as the Hytenu are spread throughout the oceans in nomadic clans. They remain completely unaware of the rest of the galaxy. Reaching the planet is a difficult feat for space travelers due to the long distance spent in the void while the Hytenu have been unsuccessful in developing space travel due to their isolation and difficulty with metalwork.