Chechkal Cluster

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The Chechkal Cluster is an isolated star cluster in the within the Crucible Galaxy.



The Maganulum were an annelid worm people native to CHCK-27 B, they wiped themselves out through deadly biological warfare, but left behind their creations, the CHKC-27 AIs.


The CHKC-27 AIs were a hostile army of robots created by the Maganulum, their programming gave them an immensely jingoistic nature and put them beyond the reach of reason or negotiation, leading them into conflict with other Chechkal species. The United Kyekna Monarchies carried out a genocide against the CHCK-27 AIs during and after the Chechkal Wars, and eventually exterminated them all.

Zekchik Species

There was a sapient species native to the planet Zekchik, they turned their own planet into a radioactive wasteland.


The Kyekna are a eusocial species of Isopteran insect, they are native to Kenaklesh and became the dominant species of the Chechkal Cluster during and after the Chechkal Wars.


The Karkal were a vicious, carnivorous race of insects from the planet Kalkak. Only the queens and male alate drones of the Karkal were truly sapient, with all other castes being unintelligent, unthinking slave laborers. When the Karkal attempted to destroy the Kyekna in the Kyekna-Karkal War, the Karkal race was eliminated.


The Cheripodi are a race of brachiopods from the planet Chekach in the Chroliaden system. The Cheripodi were nearly wiped out when the CHKC-27 AIs invaded their system, but an alliance with the Kyekna saved them from death and brought the scarred Cheripodi civilizations together under the banner of the United Kyekna Monarchies.


A silicon-based species, the Zhariz are native to the boiling-hot greenhouse planet Akakz. After the Zhariz unknowingly invaded the Kyekna planet Zzychka, alerting the CHKC-27 AIs to their existence, their divided race was suddenly thrust into the deadly Chechkal Wars, ultimately leading them to join the UKM.



Bezck is a Wolf-Rayet-class star, and the largest star in the cluster by far at 77 sol masses in size. Though WR-type stars are incapable of forming planets on their own, Bezck has seized two planets with it's immense gravity:

  • Bozzkrit - A planet used to test technology that could be used to alter the orbits of planets.
  • Chityl - A very distant planet where UKM scientists hoped to establish their own polity free of regulation, later used by the UKM to develop anti-planet WMDs for use in the Chechkal Wars.


A former CHKC-27 AI stronghold, Chakkech was conquered by the UKM during the Chechkal Wars. Notably, Chakkech is the only C-R-type star in the cluster.

  • Zekchik - A planet once inhabited by a species which ended up irradiating itself to death.
  • Akakech - A former planet obliterated by a UKM superweapon.







The home star of the Maganulum and the final stronghold of the CHKC-27 AIs during the Chechkal Wars.

  • CHKC-27 A - An iron-rich world mass-industrialized by the CHKC-27 AIs to produce more of their own kind as well as weaponry and other equipment. CHKC-27 A was annihilated by the UKM during the final days of the Chechkal Wars.
  • CHKC-27 B - The homeworld of the Maganulum, the AIs left it largely untouched due to their programming.


Chroliaden is the home star of the Cheripod species, it was invaded by the CHKC-27 AIs in one of their most extended and successful campaigns during the Chechkal Wars.

  • Kakkaaka - A puffy planet.
  • Chekach - A garden planet and the homeworld of the Cheripodi.
  • Kakkek - An iron planet.
  • Zzakrak - A chthonian planet.



An M1V-type star.






The capital world of the UKM, and the home system of the Kyekna and Karkal species. Kakoonal is a silver F-class star and the most populous system of the Chechkal Cluster.

  • Eklakra - A rocky world with extensive solar arrays.
  • Kenaklesh - A garden planet and homeplanet of the Kyekna species.
  • Kalkak - A garden world in binary orbit with Kenaklesh , home of the extinct Karkal species.
  • Kelkarka - A gas giant.
  • Clikakac - A rocky world with a very active mining industry.
  • Kacliktz - A gas giant with 6 moons, from which a variety of minerals are mined.
  • Tzalcak - A greenhouse world.
  • Kirit - A small terrestrial planet.
  • Izekkak - A very distant gas giant.


  • Kyekket - A volcanic world.
  • Tyktyy - A garden world.
  • Kiryt - A near-glaciated terrestrial planet.


Formerly controlled by CHKC-27 AIs before a campaign was launched to purge it from their presence. Kichatz is a binary system, with Kichatz Minor being a red dwarf, and Kichatz Major being an F-class star that appears greenish due to the presence of the red dwarf.


  • Chykkik - A tidally locked planet with one charred side and one frozen side.
  • Tentiz - A desert planet.
  • Thryl - A garden world.
  • Zekichek - A gas giant.
  • Krekik - A rocky world.




Trezzth was one of the first systems other than Kakoonal controlled by the UKM.


  • Kitrik - An iron world.
  • Rallar - A greenhouse world the Zhariz people inhabit.
  • Allker - Allker is a habitable rocky world.


A silver F-class star and another early colony and capital world of the UKM.


  • Aakrek - A dark gas giant.
  • Zzychka - A primitive pre-garden world.