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Star Chakkech
Type Former Garden Planet
Satellites none
Gravity 1G
Day length 26 Hours
Year length 371 days
Diameter 11,421 km
Axial tilt 17.2
Average 17 °C (64 °F)
Composition 60% Nitrogen

27% Carbon Dioxide
18% Oxygen

5% other gases
Population Less than 1 million

Zekchik is a heavily radioactive rocky world covered in abandoned, decrepit cities, it had formerly been a garden planet but radioactivity has contaminated almost all of the planet's surface and wiped out most of both it's terrestrial and aquatic biota, though some life has adapted to these new conditions.

The CHKC-27 AIs colonized the nearby world of Akakech but did not interact significantly with Zekchik; The Kyekna United Monarchies investigated the planet several times, and protected Zekchik from the debris of Akakech when they obliterated it, replacing the AIs as the systems' dominant civilization.