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Star Kichatz
Type Garden Planet
Composition 28% Oxygen

68% Nitrogen 2% Carbon Dioxide

4% other gases
Population 8 billion

Zakikch was a rocky garden world in orbit within the binary star system Kichatz. Zakikch's native biosphere was dominated by flora rather than fauna, with its surface dominated by twisted, overgrown forests, and its seas green from an abundance of algae and plankton. The planet became a major foundry world for the Kyekna due to its suitability for producing Pyrolysis Oil from trees and algae, exporting large amounts of fuel to foreign worlds.

The Kichatz system, Zakikch included, was under the control of the CHKC-27 AIs, but Zakikch came under the control of the United Kyekna Monarchies roughly 200 years after the start of the Chechkal Wars.