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Kelkara flanked by two inhabited and one uninhabited moon in view of the sun.
Star Kakoonal
Type Ice Giant
Satellites Kezyk, Chutikz, Ykakit, Ezkaz, Yichik
Gravity 1G
Orbital distance WIP
Day length 14 Hours
Year length 10,832 standard days
Diameter 111,640 km
Axial tilt 25°
Average −207 °C
Composition 80% Hydrogen

18% Helium

1% Nitrogen
Population 8.4 billion (moons)

Kelkarka is a ringed ice giant orbiting the star Kakoonal. Though the gas giant's surface is devoid of life, 8.4 billion Kyekna reside on the three inhabitable moons orbiting the planet as well as its industrious space stations. The planet's central location between the population centers of Kenaklesh & Karkal and the resource-rich outer worlds of Clikakac and Kacliktz make it a very prosperous world when the planets are aligned favorably.

Kelkarka has five moons: Kezyk, Chutikz, Ykakit, Ezkaz, and Yichik.