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Star Tylch
Type Primitive Planet
Satellites None
Gravity 1G
Day length 12 Hours
Year length 351 days
Diameter 12,633 km
Axial tilt 23.2
Average 23 °C (73 °F)
Composition 60% Nitrogen

12% Oxygen 23% Carbon Dioxide

5% other gases
Population Less than one million

Zzychka is a planet orbiting Tylch, it is home to native life but is primitive in it's development and thus has not evolved into a garden world, despite it's potential to do so. Zzychka is controlled by the United Kyekna Monarchies, but is not colonized. Zzychka is classified as a "Preserve Planet" and the entire planet is reserved for scientific observations only, in order to glean information about what early conditions on other planets might be like.

Complex multicellular life is sparse and only 342,000 unique Eukaryote species exist on the planet, most of which are microscopic, though some large Vendozoans, Protists, and Proarticulat Animals do exist.

Zzychka was also explored by the Zhariz, leading to their first contact with the Kyekna.