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Star Kakoonal
Type Garden Planet
Gravity 1G
Day length 25 Hours
Year length 400 days
Diameter 14,649 km
Axial tilt 21°
Average 20 °C (68 °F)
Composition 35% oxygen 61% nitrogen 4% other gases
Population 11 billion

Kalkak is a world orbiting the star Kakoonal, it is a lush garden world and the home of the Karkal species. Kalkak is under the control of the United Kyekna Monarchies and exists within a binary orbit with the Kyekna homeworld of Kenaklesh, with which it shares many ecological traits due to their close proximity and exposure to the same conditions.

Kalkak's native species, the Karkal, were warlike and ferocious creatures, and though the worker and soldier classes lacked sapient-level intelligence, the species would likely have entered space if not for the genocide it underwent during the Kyekna-Karkal War. The Karkal were largely wiped out and replaced as the planet's dominant species by the alien Kyekna.

Kalkak today serves as an important world to the United Kyekna Monarchies and one of the most populous Kyekna-controlled planets, with 17 billion inhabitants.