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A map of the 5 continents of the planet
Star Kakoonal
Type Garden Planet
Satellites none
Gravity 1G
Day length 25 Hours
Year length 400 days
Diameter 14,650 km
Axial tilt 21.1
Average 20 °C (68 °F)
Composition 35% Oxygen

59% Nitrogen 1% Carbon Dioxide

5% other gases
Population 15.3 billion

Kenaklesh is a planet within the habitable zone of the star Kakoonal in the Chechkal Cluster, and the capital world of United Kyekna Monarchies. A rocky world filled with copious amounts of oxygen, the planet is dominated by plant life, covering it in vast jungles, forests, swamps, marshes, and grasslands. Arthropods have developed to be the dominant phylum of animals as a result of the massive supply of oxygen and become wildly successful across both land and sea, and a species of arthropods evolved to sapience on the planet: The Kyekna Isopterans.

Kenaklesh is in binary orbit with the somewhat similar planet of Karkal; Kenaklesh and Karkal having been exposed to very similar conditions during their existence has resulted in them having closely related, though still dissimilar, atmospheres and ecosystems, with similar dominant fauna and flora.


Kenaklesh has an ultra oxygen-rich atmosphere consisting of 59% Nitrogen, 35% Oxygen, and 1% Carbon Dioxide with the remaining 5% consisting of other gases such as Argon and and Helium. It was due to this atmosphere that Arthropods, including the planet's dominant species the Kyekna, were able to grow to such vast sizes and control the majority of the planet.


The majority of the planet (about 80%) is water, with a lot of the planet's life built to survive both in the water and on land. On the planet's five continents and many archipelagos and lone islands, moist broadleaf forests, savannas, jungles, grasslands, and alpine areas dominate the landscape.

Life Forms



A sapient eusocial Isopterid.


  • Klachiv

A carnivorous marine reptile capable of holding it's breath for 2 hours at a time, the largest recorded Klachiv grew to 36 feet long, with an average of 20-28. It has a biteforce of 2,980 lb.

  • Dwarf Klachiv

A smaller, darker colored Klachiv, the largest specimen grew to 13 feet, with an average of 8-9 feet.

  • Hachk

A large species of Shark, the largest recorded Hachk was 19 feet long, with an average of 13-16 feet.

  • Kiaym

A medium-sized species of fish, the largest ever recorded was 6 feet long, with an average of 2-4 ft.


  • Tlekach: a vine with a large flower at it's center and green vines stretching for quite aways, when anything touches this vine the vine curls up dragging it's prey into it's flower and spraying them with acid so it can absorb their nutrients.
  • Kizz: A tall grass, growing about 3ft tall. Contains cellulose the Kyekna can digest.