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Star Kakoonal
Type Rocky World
Gravity .9G
Day length 14 Hours
Year length 10,832 standard days
Diameter 10,417 km
Axial tilt 15°
Average 22 °C (72 °F)
Composition 78% Nitrogen

25% Oxygen 3% Carbon Dioxide 1% Methane

1% trace gases
Population 10.1 million

Clikakac is a planet in the Kakoonal system. Clikakac is a rocky planet that became a central foundry world within the United Kyekna Monarchies, housing vast manufacturing complexes both on land and in orbit, factories as large as cities, and massive powerplants harvesting the geothermal power of the molten core. Clikakac houses 10 billion UKM citizens, including many workers who stay in orbit or on the surface only temporarily before returning to the nearby garden worlds.

Clikakac was first civilized soon after the Kyekna-Karkal War had ended, when the United Kyekna Monarchies established mining colonies there to expand further out into the solar system. After Kyekna civilization had expanded outwards and following the beginning of the Chechkal Wars, it became clear that the industrial capabilities needed to create a fleet of lightships capable of dealing with the AI menace would need to be outsourced from the garden planets, as their environments could not remain habitable at desired levels of production over the next few centuries. The UKM entrusted Clikacac to become its first foundry world, soon followed by Okikz.

Clikakac barely scrapes the outer limit of Kakoonal's habitable zone, but it is a hot planet due to the emissions its industrial zones create. The planet's rocky surface has little natural biome variance, but the scale of industrial operations has lead to hundreds of kilometers being sectioned off for specific zoning purposes, artificially creating contrast between regions. In some areas, the ground has been hollowed out for miles into the planet, replaced with elephantine metalwork, created to house the most massive among the landing-capable lightships to efficiently load and unload freight in an organized manner.

Despite the reputation the planet has earned for its industrial ways, huge tracts of land have been zoned to almost exclusively house residential constructs, to keep the area cleaner for the inhabitants; Nonetheless, the atmospheric conditions haunt the inhabitants all across the surface. Thankfully for Clikakac's Kyekna populace, most of the planet's cities are, like most Kyekna cities, located deep below the surface, shielding them from conditions of the planetary atmosphere.

In the atmosphere of the planet, huge construction platforms are in use working on manufacture and maintenance of interstellar vessels, some of which are far more cost-effective, safer, and easier to build in space than on the ground, and some of which are simply incapable of landing on the planetary surface at all.