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Star Kakoonal
Type Greenhouse Planet
Satellites none
Gravity 1G
Day length 29 Hours
Year length ???
Diameter 12,724 km
Axial tilt 25.9
Average 320 °C (608 °F)
Composition 85% Carbon Dioxide

8% Nitrogen
3% Sulfur

4% Other gases
Population 3.2 billion

Tzalcak is a greenhouse planet orbiting the star Kakoonal within the Chechkal Cluster of the Crucible Galaxy. Though uninhabitable by the Kyekna of Kenaklesh, who dominated the Kakoonal system, Tzalcak was later colonized by the Zhariz after they joined the United Kyekna Monarchies.

Tzalcak was first civilized by the United Kyekna Monarchies through some industrial operations, but it was not considered a candidate for habitation due to it's poisonous atmosphere and distance from it's star, with the UKM instead focusing on the Thyph, Bezck, and Trezzth systems. The CHCK-27 AIs attacked Tzalcak in 623 UE, starting the viscous Chechkal Wars which would rock the entirety of the Chechkal Cluster.

Centuries after their war on Tzalcak, after an encounter on the primitive world of Zzychka, the CHKC-27 AIs waged a war against the Zhariz species, a silicon-based race themselves native to the greenhouse world of Akakz. As a result of their shared enemy in the CHCK-27 AIs, the Zhariz nations joined the UKM, and over many years a sizable immigrant population moved to Tzalcak, an advantageous location in relation to the capital world of Kenaklesh.