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The Karkal were a semi-sapient race of hymenopteran eusocial insects native to Kalkak. Only the Karkal reproductive caste could truly be considered sapient, while members of the other castes were not intelligent enough to qualify for such a classification. The Karkal had red exoskeleton-covered bodies ranged from roughly 1.4 meters in length for workers, to 1.7 for soldiers, to 3.2 meters for queens.

The Karkal were veracious predators and created somewhat advanced technology for the purposes of war, investing very little time or energy into non-combat technologies, and as a result had the ability to send payloads into space at around the time the Kyekna, a race native to the very nearby planet of Kenaklesh, began manned missions into space. The Karkal and Kyekna did not get along well whatsoever and eventually the Kyekna-Karkal War ended with the annihilation of the Karkal species.