Xurtag's Crown Nebula

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Xurtag's Crown Nebula is a small, yet dense nebula located at the edge of the Dhragolon Expanse about 300 lightyears from the Line of Demarcation. The name comes from an ancient Yallvusian monarch Xurtag the Strong, father of Yanya of the Fields.

The nebula formed from an ancient mining operation by the Omni Empire during their early attempts to mine and reforge Dragonrock left over by the Empire of Arckas. A disaster caused a chain reaction that led to the destruction of multiple star systems in the area - the resulting debris forming a nebula. Although the Omni have since harvested over 90% of the original mass of Dragonrock before their destruction by the Buyuk Empire, the remaining 10% was still a massive resource trove for future species that would discover the nebula.

Although most of the nebula is in control of the Union of Eteno Socialist States, they had never actually given a proper name to the nebula having only mapped out the star systems around the nebula's edge. It was coloquially referred to as the Vulkastis Nebula due to the large presence of the Vulkastis Mining Federation's influence. However, older Vaikan star charts dating as far back as nearly a thousand years ago had identified the nebula as Xurtag's Crown Nebula. With the large Vaikan population in the area, the Eteno eventually adopted the name for the nebula as it became commonly used among its inhabitants.



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Named after Xurtag's wife, Yanyarigan is a remote star system home to a cache of Omni technology. It is believed that in the past, it served as either a military or science research outpost. During the Gimheldt Dispute, the Karalian Empire sold territorial rights of the system to the Union of Eteno Socialist States.


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A UESS controlled system with the largest percentage of Vaikan population. The UESS conducts mining and terraforming operations here. A major station for holding prisoners of war is also hosted here.


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A star system approximately 6 lightyears from the Aatami system. The Vulkastis Mining Federation have secured mining rights on the system's only planet.


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A binary star system home to the planet Unikalus which is in the process of being terraformed.