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Dragonrock is a rare synthetic substance considered the hardest known material in the universe. Most forms of it have a purple, luminescent hue that glows in the dark. It has a cubic crystal structure. The name "Dragonrock" is translated from the Yallvus Talk word for it "Yolteraox" which roughly means "Stone of Fire Dragons".


Dragonrock is not a naturally occurring substance, but it is found in the cores of many planets and moons throughout the Crucible Galaxy. It is very difficult to mine out and extract and matter synthesizers of the Second Galactic Senate era have difficulty replicating it perfectly.

Dragonrock has a strange property of producing intense magnetism when exposed to heat or energy. It is thought that Dragonrock was originally synthesized by the Empire of Arckas as a component for guiding the formation of planets in various solar systems. It would work by drawing in various other materials in space such as loose asteroids and other matter into an artificially generated gravity well. Because of this, mining Dragonrock is difficult as it risks destabilizing the core of the planet it is found on. However, the Omni had discovered how to replicate it through Dyson spheres. Omni-era Dragonrock has a different quality and shape to it. While Omni-era Dragonrock is more available, Arckas-era Dragonrock is stronger and much more valuable.

Dragonrock's primary uses have been to generate gravitational fields and artificial gravity. While it is often cheaper to generate gravity through rotation, Dragonrock-based gravitational fields can aid in the construction of megastructures as well as massive scale works of art.