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Yallvus Talk is the language of the Vaikan. It was originally spoken by the people of the Yallvus Province and has since spread across Ucharpli to become a worldwide language. Its alphabet is based on the sounds the Vaikan are capable of pronouncing.

Other languages on Ucharpli are very similar in syntax and some even use the same words. The major differences between Vaikan languages are some of the words used. Malin Talk is the most different as it has a completely different syntax and alphabet.

Over the course of thousands of years, the language has greatly evolved absorbing new dialects and even new vocabulary. Words from all over the galaxy have become a part of this language. The language has changed so much, Yallvus Talk of the Fourth Age of the Vaikan can pass as a completely different language as Yallvus Talk of the First Age of the Vaikan.

Yallvus Talk as seen on this page is the Vanilla Mid-Sculpting Field dialect, a common version spoken in Ucharpli.


Yallvus Talk has two different alphabets: a syllabic lettering system and a standard alphabet. In the syllabic system, each letter is tied to a specific sound; root words are only one character long, and they are combined with other letters to form larger words.

As the Yallvus Talk language became more complex, a new alphabet was created to supplement the existing one to create new irregular words. Both forms of writing are seen frequently.

Grammar Structure

A standard declaratory statement is structured as follows:

Direct Object-Any Prepositional Phrases-Subject-Verb-Indirect Object
Example: .the game from her i gave him;

An interrogative statement is structured as follows:

Direct Object-Any Prepositional Phrases-Indirect Object-Verb-Subject
Example: ?the game from her him gave i;

Notice that all punctuation comes at the beginning of the sentence. A ';' means the end of a sentence.


Adjectives are tricky in Yallvus Talk. The adjective will only function as one if it comes after the noun it describes. If it comes before, then it may form a new compound word which may have an entirely different meaning.

Root words

This is a list of some common, root words in the Vaikan language. Root words form the basic foundation of the Vaikan vocabulary and can be combined to form new words.

Aki - friendly

Alda- Star

Altus - Great

Alu - unfriendly/cold

Ark - anger/fury/wrath

Arp - earth/ground

Aru- Greetings

At - Torment/torture

Bor - brother

Cheh - sting/pain

Chur - passion/loyalty

Dhra - Earthly/corporeal

Dralla - Leader

El - watch/overlook

Garma - Colossal/giant

Gol - Wise

Haleh - from/of

Hen - place/location

Id - silly/stupid

Ia- Day

Ighi - Watch/Sentry (modern translation is closer to "Inquisitor")

Infra - Shadow.

Isza - victory

Iz - ice/snow/frozen

Kapu- Space

Kaden - guardian

Khaz - innocent/peace

Kra - heavenly/spiritual

Krar- Center/Eye

Krath - wish/request

Leo- hunter/stalker

Li - individual

Maj - magic/life energy (refers to Vaikan bioelectricity)

Meruu - Between

Mo - clan/family

Mu - bring/retrieve

Nek - Dark

No - knowledge/information

Nor - noble

On - People/race/species

Ra - a/the

Rol - protect/guard

Rus - chosen/choose/select

Sark - Arthropod

Senok - myself/me/I

Si - sister

Skizgo - Thief

Szath - soldier/warrior

Ta - is/equal

Tox - Dragon

Trisza - defeat

Uch - world/planet

Vus - city/town

Wezga - noble

Yall - capital

Yhan - bestow/give

Yol - fire/flame

Za - with/have

Zur - Side/edge

Compound Words

Words are sometimes combined to mean different things. Below are some literal translations for common compound words.

Garmatox - Giant dragon

Rustiagon - Paragon

Kragolon - Ghosts/spirits. Refers to Vaikan who have passed away.

Kranekon - Dark spirit people (Refers to both the Dark Warriors and the Altusian Brotherhood)

Alda'Kapura- Sailor (means those who sail the stars)

Dhrakapuon - Earthly space people. (Any intelligent race not from Ucharpli.)

Alda'Kapu - star space (means galaxy)

Rustiagon - kingly people (a family name bestowed upon Dralla upon his victory in the Yallvusian Revolution.)

Kratiag - spirit leader (god/titan/divine)

Ucharpli - earth world of individuals (the name of Vaikan homeworld).

Derogatory words

While there are no actual "swear" words in Yallvus Talk, there are some particular words that are considered improper on formal occasions.

Garma'id - big stupid (An insult directed at an individual's intelligence.)

Atalu - torturing unfriendly (An insult regarding someone's actions. Synonymous with the term "jerk")

Nekalu - Evil unfriendly (The term for cold-hearted)

Golid - Wise idiot (smart aleck/obnoxious)

Konim - Although it means "condemn" it can used as a mild expletive.

Irregular Words

Over many thousands of years, some basic compounds words have been replaced with newer words that don't translate literally to its original meaning. This is often done to make the language flow much more smoothly. For example, "paxursza" is a relatively recent word meaning peacekeeper which replaced the old, archaic word "szath'halehkhaz" which was used during the second era. Subsequently, new speakers of Yallvus Talk will often mistakenly use these older words when attempting to converse.

Kapura- Space sailor

Rustiagar - Leader

W'karra - Worker

Paxursza - Peacekeeper

Dormeckithia - Philosopher

Altasza - Artisan

Dormesithia - Scientist

Names for other races

Sometimes, an alien race's name consists of sounds that a Vaikan cannot pronounce. It has become tradition to create a new term for every race they encounter. It generally follows the format of two adjectives followed by "on". The two chosen adjectives are what the Vaikan think describes the race the best, setting it apart from others.

Vaikan - Earthly wise people. (Name chosen because they were the most intelligent beings on Ucharpli.)

Szathgolon - Wise warrior people. The term for the Eteno. (Name chosen because of the Eteno's militaristic style as well as their influence on Vaikan government.)

Toxgolon - Wise dragon people. A name for a mythical beast.

Aldatoxon - Star dragon people. Another mythical creature.

Nor'rolon - Noble protector people. The term for the Delson. (Name chosen because of their compassion and willingness to protect others.)

Nekrolon - Dark guard people. The term for the Ghorax.

Alda'arkon - Angry star people. The term for the Kklxin.


Yallvus Talk is relatively simple in comparison to English. Whether a word is a verb or a noun depends on its placement in the sentence. The majority of words do not change form at all.

Words do not change form to express plurality, but rather the verb does that work. (Example: Alda can mean "star" or "stars" depending on how it appears in the sentence.)


Here's some pronunciations of common Vaikan words and names used throughout the wiki. The capital letters indicate where the stress is.

Vaikan: - VYE-can (rhymes with "lycan")

Karrel: kuh-RELL

Krayhan: KRAH-yon

Rarsan: rahr-SAHN

Uszaroth: OOZ-uh-ROTH

Ahrganot: AHR-gah-nawt (pronounced exactly like "Argonaut")

Rustiagon: ROOS-tiag-awn (The tiag is said relatively quickly as if it were one syllable; roose rhymes with goose)

Zerif: ZEH-rif

Yallvus - YALL-voose (a true pronunciation of "yall" would actually be pronouncing both l's such that the user would be quickly saying "leh leh", but non-native speakers usually just say "yall" so that it rhymes with "all")

Skizgo - Skeez-goh

Wezga - Wehz-gah

Kaden - Kay-din

Dralla - Drah-lah

Example Sentences

".aru ,nanind rustiagon karrel ra Vaikan senok ta; .ra nek haleh ra alda'kapu trisza za chur senok krath;"

Greetings, I am a Vaikan named Rustiagon Karrel. I wish to defeat the evils of the galaxy with passion.

Other languages

The Vaikan also use more than one language. Many have since become dead, but below are among the few that are still active among Vaikan.

  • Greenwater Dialect - A language that evolved naturally well into the Space Era. It is spoken by a large population that lives in the Greenwater Nebula. It is far more complex than Yallvus Talk, lacking a simplified root structure, but is less guttural and more eloquent. It is highly derived from the Yallvus Talk standard alphabet.
  • Tradespeak - This was a constructed language created in the era of the Second Galactic Senate. It is a mix of Luuschtuntski and Yallvus Talk. It heavily emphasizes terms such as trade, diplomacy and war. It was designed to be easily flexible to allow the addition of new words and ideas.
  • Joperese - The language of the Joper people. It is second to Yallvus Talk in the most widely spoken language of Ucharpli.
  • Khathic - A language used by the Khather people.
  • Malin Talk - A unique, complex language used by the people of Malin. It is a syllabic language much like traditional Yallvus Talk.
  • Lacadian - A language which emphasized religious terms.
  • Spasonese - A language which emphasizes technology terms.