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Joper is a realm on Ucharpli. It covers the southern coastline on the continent of Kyartula and is directly south of Yallvus. They are notable for being the first known civilization on Ucharpli to develop travel across the seas by boat.


Since Joper is directly south of the equator, it is very tropical with many jungles and beaches. Several sparsely scattered islands are found just off the coast including the famous Cloudreach Island, the refuge for the Joperians during the Great Flood. The island was bestowed that name because a cloudy ring almost always surrounds it.


  • Meldrin - The capital of Joper.
  • Orandol - A tropical resort city.
  • Usztin - A major city

Government and Economy

Joper is a constitutional monarchy ruled by a king and queen as well as a president of government. They were a nation of passionate conquerors seeking to take control over the oceans. Thus, they became a very wealthy nation making profits on rare, exotic goods from all over the worlds. They established colonies on Ucharpli's many islands and even had some influence in the continent of Kytayur having established trading outposts in southern Codgele and western Feurcy.

However, because of their large seafaring empire, piracy became a major problem. Though for the most part, this issue has faded since the Vaikan's entrance into space. The pirates have since moved into space as well stalking trade routes and attacking not so heavily armored ships.


The people of Joper were the first to develop marine technology including sailing vessels and submarines. They are a bit more advanced than Yallvus when it comes to technology. The Joperians made use of gunpowder weapons such as cannons, rifles and other explosives. However, most of such technology comes from frequent trade with the Spasonites after the Joperians established a major trading post in Crystal Isles.

Joperian travellers tend to carry a rapier and a gun at almost all times due to the frequency of pirate raids.


During the mid Third Age they were known to have built an empire using many resources from the Shinereach Archipelago. They were a powerful nation that built up an empire in the sea. They were the first to discover the Sea of Diamonds and the treasures that lay on the ocean floor.

The people of Joper also discovered underwater cities built by the Yolsark, a race of underwater crustaceans. Thus, the Joperians were the first to discover where the race lived, though the Yolsark have appeared throughout history on the coasts of Kyartula.

Although they proved to be a noteworthy military force against Yallvus, the empire collapsed when the mainland was captured. Today, with the fall of the Yallvusian Union, Joper has regained its original territory.