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Pseudo-Karalia is a crime syndicate that deals with the illegal trade of DNA samples. They formed shortly after Rustiagon Karrel declared it legal to clone oneself. However, the government had difficulty regulating the trade of DNA and it quickly fell in the hands of criminal organizations. The Code of Trust implies that no one should use cloning to impersonate someone else or to use someone's DNA without their permission. Regardless, Pseudo-Karalia's business revolves around pickpocketing a target's DNA, most often a celebrity or high ranking official. Said DNA is eventually sold to consumers who either wish to genetically modify themselves or to create their own children based upon the appearance of someone else. Pseudo-Karalia's leader happens to be one of Karrel's body double clones whose consciousness was replaced.

Kaulini Zawar happened to be a product of Pseudo-Karalia's gene trade. Kaulini's appearance was based upon a famous Karalian fashion model who died several years prior. Thanks to the lack of regulation and Pseudo-Karalia's abuse, it became nearly impossible to keep track of individual citizens, and impersonation and framing of high-ranking officials became common place.