Zalakrasa Society

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The Zalakrasa Society was a large-scale environmental organization that operated within the territory of the Confederacy of Greenwater. They had a standing military which frequently targeted colonies and outposts which they believed to be in violation of environmental regulations.


The Zalakrasa Society rose to dominance during the early days of the Karalian Civil War, when the Confederacy of Greenwater began to break down into distinctive ideological factions. The most immediate problem they had to overcome was to deal with the overpopulation of Krar'Yallvus as well as the declining sanitation of the city. As many civilians evacuated underground when the Overworld was depressurized during the war, many of the pollutant-filtering machines ceased to work, resulting in a smog filled atmosphere, even indoors. To combat this, the Zalakrasa Society employed programs to help reduce pollutants.

Though the Zalakrasa Society originally had benign intentions, they became more and more radicalized as they resorted to more criminal activity to uphold their ideology. With the societal collapse of the region, they began disregarding laws entirely. The Karalian Empire officially labeled them a terrorist group after they bombed a fusion reactor on the planet Tallus, an act that resulted in 400,000 casualties. The Zalakrasa Society claimed that the action was in retaliation against the colonization of Espira-4, one of the few, naturally occurring habitable worlds in the Greenwater Nebula.