Yolnor Robotics Corporation

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Yolnor Robotics Corporation
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Capital Not specified
Languages Yallvus Talk
Government Corporatocracy
Prime minister
 -  Establishment Unknown
 -  Disestablishment Unknown

The Yolnor Robotics Corp. was a corporation of Vaikan who engineered the Carapellex.


After the fall of the Ramusian Socialist Republic, the economy was loosened up allowing the rise of powerful corporations which were so large that they became their own sovereign states. The Children of the Dhragolon still remained the dominant superpower at the time.

The Yolnor Robotics Corp. embarked on the "Metal Frontier" to set up trading stations in the Greenwater region of the Galactic Core Zone. Eventually, they would make a profit by selling robots to other corporations. They would acquire enough money to develop the unthinkable: a sapient AI.

Yolnor Robotics Corp. initially manufactured one AI in the form of a mainframe. As a template, they used a robot from the Carapellex series, an in-house manufactured robotic servant beetle initially programmed as a household laborer. They wished to make them capable of more types of tasks as well as interact with their masters on a more personal level. They were a success, although marketing for the product had yet to begin.

Deciding that they could make a living off of sapient robots, they had begun to build more AI mainframes with additional interactive platforms including some humanoids. Many the existing sapient robots begun to question their existence, and some begun to stage a rebellion.

Not wishing to destroy what they worked so hard to build, the Yolnor Robotics Corp. preserved the AI mainframe while destroying whatever platforms remained. Some of the original Carapellex series managed to survive by hiding themselves within the mainframes until the extermination procedure had passed, while many of the newer series stole ships or were smuggled out by activists.

The Yolnor Robotics Corporation sustained massive financial disasters that they could not recover from. After the Children of the Dhragolon enacted laws forbidding the development of sapient robots, the company went out of business. However, the Carapellex that survived the extermination would awaken later to build their own civilization in secret.