Sixth Age of the Vaikan

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The Sixth Age of the Vaikan occurs after the Anathema Wars.

Aftermath of the Anathema

The Anathema Wars have come to a close. While the damage done by the supernova of Eye of Uszaroth was slowed down due to King Rustiagon Karrel’s reverse engineering of the Anathema, gamma radiation still bombarded Ucharpli and many of the surrounding worlds. The ecosystem was on the verge of collapse, but Karrel’s sacrifice prevented the damage from being worse. Had the Eye of Uszaroth went supernova without Anathema intervention, the destruction on Ucharpli would have been permanent.

After Karrel’s death, Rustiagon Ardan became the new king. While the center of government would move over to Jaran for administrative purposes, Ardan chose to remain on Ucharpli to help rebuild not only the planet’s ecosystem, but all the ecosystems of the Twin Hearts Nebula.

Shifting of Power

Because Ucharpli can no longer sustain a large population, the center of power is moved to Jaran. As the fallout from the supernova made permanent habitation of the Twin Hearts Nebula no longer practical, most of the planets in the area became historical preserves with a mass exodus to the Krizael Expanse underway. The Karalian Empire saw the gradual Jaranization of its culture - classic Ucharpli culture became retro. Thus, it transformed into the Second Karalian Empire.

The entirety of Greenwater has become a Dark Zone. Because the Anathema Wars left the UESS invasion unfinished, it never became clear which territories belonged to what sovereign states. As such, most of Greenwater devolved into total anarchy with a system of government no longer operational in the area. Military fiefdoms such as the Telophere Autocracy form around isolated units.

Virtual reality sees a boom. For those that chose not to leave the Twin Hearts Nebula, virtual cities saw mass construction.

With Jaran becoming the new center of power and with the loss of many jumpgates, population density increases in the Krizael Expanse. Over the next few decades, Jaran becomes an ecumenopolis with extra layers of virtual reality settings within it. This comes with the consequence of food shortages due to the sudden immigration of billions of people.

The technology of body reconstructing and connecting one’s brain to a server is perfected within the Karalian Empire. This does not solve the overpopulation problem immediately, but it eases on the consequences of death. However, with the same finite group of Vaikan living in Jaran and with many seeking out cures to Vaikan sterility, the original Vaikan genetic code becomes in danger of extinction.

On top of it, one tenth of the population on Jaran became trapped in the virtual simulation known as Virtual Crucible - a simulation of the galaxy that ended up forming a recursive loop of simulations within simulations. They were quarantined for fear their erratic behavior could be harmful to others in the real world.