Fifth Age of the Vaikan

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The Fifth Age of the Vaikan covers the origin of the Karalian Empire to the end of the Anathema Wars.

Founding of the Karalian Empire

A Vaikan named Rustiagon Karalius, claiming to be related to Rustiagon Dralla, appeared on the scene and sought to bring order once more. He claimed to be inspired by the dragon god Krayhan, and subsequently revived the ancient religion of Jamzezism. The calendar was restarted subsequently as Vaikan civilization experienced a new golden age.

By rebuilding his power in Ucharpli, a new government was established which he called the Karalian Empire. The Karalian Empire's goal was to rebuild what Dralla had originally founded, but with a much stronger rule. As FTL drives got faster, communication and transport of goods became more efficient.

The KE begun to buy all assets of some of the most powerful megacorporations, transforming them into recognized states. Thus, the KE would become the next and most recent superpower of Vaikan origin.

For the next few years, the KE would focus on building its power and structure, rediscovering ancient Vaikan technology along the way. While the Mega Depression still continued, the KE would slowly bring everyone out of it, and a new golden age would soon follow.

Retaking of Krar

As the KE grew in strength, they decided to take back one of their major trading centers Krar which had been conquered by the Palasarians. A war known as the Palasarian Crusades began, and the Mega Depression was quickly brought to an end with the creation of numerous jobs to help in the war effort.

The Palasarian Empire was reduced to only its homeworld and they officially surrendered. They would become trade partners in exploring the Greenwater Nebula for resources.

Buyuk Wars

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Galactic Senate

After making first contact with the Union of Eteno Socialist States, a prosperous relation would follow. They would eventually form the Galactic Senate as a means of managing the affairs of the entire galaxy.

Chaos Crisis

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The Galactic Senate, however, would not last forever. After a century of relative stability, the Stone Ring Conflicts led the Galactic Senate to a sharp decline. The Karalian Civil War, the worst Vaikan conflict since the Parsayan War, resulted in the destruction of both the Karalian Empire and the Confederacy of Greenwater. Petty dictatorships would take over.

Fracturing of Greenwater

The Confederacy of Greenwater would split into two factions: the Kingdom of Greenwater and the Greenwater Socialist Republic.

Anathema Wars

Supernova of Eye of Uszaroth

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