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Scripture The Handbook
God(s) Uszaroth
Demonym Uszarothians

Uszarothianism is named after Uszaroth, a Mavetian that visited Ucharpli during the First Age of the Vaikan. In the Vaikan's own mythology, he was seen as a meddling demon, but he has since been confirmed to be an actual being when he was contacted during the Chaos Crisis.


Many of Uszaroth's teachings overlap with the Morduin side of Jamzezism, except much more specific. Uszaroth teaches that one should follow their true nature- to follow the purpose they were made for. As Vaikan were originally organic beings that hunted and conquered others in the wild, Vaikan are naturally predisposed to embrace their hunter instincts and to conquer and dominate other life forms. While the Uszarothian religion was considered violent and brutish to be followed by Vaikan, it became incredibly popular with AI's since there were many that were created for more benevolent purposes. As such, a medical bot must provide medicine, a toaster must toast food, and a VR companion must provide its services to its owner. The Uszaroth religion contrasts Jamzezism in that it's less about individual enlightenment and more about doing what the creator intended. Whereas in Jamzezism, one can reject their original purpose, following one's purpose is the core belief of Uszarothianism.

The origin of Uszarothianism can be traced back to Uszaroth's own philosophy. After the fall of the Empire of Arckas, he spent hundreds of millions of years trying to discover his purpose. Because the Mavetian species had gone multiversal, infinite resources were available to creatively use, but he got overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities. As such, Uszaroth concluded that the only way to make sense of the infinite was to focus one's goals and to follow their destiny. As such, Uszaroth made it his own mission to travel to planets all across the universe to teach his ways - first the native organics would see it as a means of embracing their nature to conquer others. When it came time for them to build their own artificial servants, those servants would be built to serve whatever they were made for - even if the creator's intentions are vague or enigmatic.

The Uszaroth religion technically has more followers than Jamzezism, but is less influential since it's most popular with lower class citizens and poor people. Instead, Jamzezism tends to be more popular among the upper class. Uszarothians do not have any particular opinions on the afterlife. They usually follow the same customs as Jamzezism as those traditions have since become well ingrained in modern Karalian society. However, an Uszarothian can occasionally consider the manner of death to be meaningful to existence. They might see their destiny as sacrificing themselves to protect loved ones or others they care about.