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Deryani (often referred to as the Fallen Goddess) is the fourth goddess in the Dragon Daughters of Krayhan religion. She is rarely talked about in public because of how harmful she is. According to mythology, Deryani was born without emotions. When she discovered the feeling of love, she was driven mad by it and did whatever she could preserve and capture that feeling even if it meant killing others. She would then be disowned by Krayhan for her violent tendencies and atrocious acts she would commit for the sake of love. Anyone who would supposedly threatened her desired romantic interest would be brutally murdered her tortured as punishment. Deryani had served Morduin for a time, but even Morduin himself did not take pride in working with her while waging war against Krayhan. In the VR series Krayhanya-TanMeido da Yabokashi, Deryani was a major antagonist. Her very appearance in the show caused controversy because the show attempted to downplay her malevolent tendencies for comedy.

It is thought that the myth of Deryani was inspired by the extermination of female Vaikan by the hands of the Eghos. The Eghos disrupted the Vaikan gender ratio to control their population. Stories that were passed down were told of a jealous goddess who began to murder all other women so that no one could steal away her soul mate.


Deryani is known for her devious, scheming intelligence and her ability to psychologically manipulate people. Her desires are very basic - seeking only to enjoy the company of a mortal whom she has deemed her soul mate. She will go through extreme, calculated measures to protect them from not only harm but also from potentially being swayed away by other love interests. These other love interests are considered in the same league as others who would generally mean Deryani's love interest harm. Thus, she indiscriminately kills anyone that has the potential to separate her from her love interest. Her favored weapon of choice is her own bare claws which she uses to rip her victims apart.

It is not known who Deryani's soul mate is. But it is believed to be a person who is extraordinarily ordinary. Some theologians believe Deryani has fallen in love with the very idea of an ordinary mortal. But whoever this mortal is would be someone she looks upon with great fondness as if they were her superior or a god themselves.

Worship of Deryani was already considered taboo from the start. Though Morduin and Uszaroth preach odd or highly debatable philosophies, Deryani is for the most part considered universally evil. Despite this, she still has her followers who often conduct grotesque, profane rituals that often involve the sacrifice of sapient species. While the other goddesses have shrines that accept gifts such as food and other relics, a gift to the shrine of Deryani often consists of severed heads and organs. With the advent of matter replicators, these gifts can be offered at shrines without causing harm to real beings, but the practice is still considered highly taboo and unacceptable.

VR's based on Deryani are mostly illegal unless it is for educational purposes. The illegal VR's are primarily traded in Dark Zones. One such VR is based on committing murders or ruining the reputation of those that obstruct her personal quest for love. Anyone that even shows the slightest bit of interest in getting to know her desired companion on a personal level is a target for the slaughter. Perhaps one of the most heinous of VR's involves being virtually killed by Deryani herself. Willing participants and devout worshipers describe these experiences as deeply intimate and exhilarating. Deryani's likeness has also been used for hardlight AI's designed as assassins. The creators of these hardlight assassins are often hired by nobles involved in the criminal underworld who seek revenge against those who have shown infidelity.

Because of how socially inappropriate Deryani's actions are, it is considered socially unacceptable or stigmatizing to practice worship of Deryani in public. Death is especially taken seriously in Vaikan culture to the point where the military will opt to only ever use nonlethal weapons unless it is a last resort. Thus, a goddess that centers itself around murdering others is considered one of the most evil of all.