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God(s) Levenslang
Evil god(s) Toorn
Demonym Khathic

The Khathic religion is an ancient pagan religion among Vaikan. It is believed to have been inspired by an ancient encounter with an ancient Omni ruin on Ucharpli known as the Ice Temple. This temple contains numerous prophecies which were later discovered to be algorithmic calculations on behalf of Na'zrah. The ancient Khathic peoples dedicated their lives to deciphering these prophecies through a practice they called divination.


  • Levenslang - Levenslang is attributed as the creator of the universe. He is perceived as being omnipotent and all powerful. It is believed he has a plan for all life in the universe.
  • Jormun - Jormun is a shadowy serpent said to be a watcher of all life. He is also a god of death, said to be the reaper of souls. In reality, Jormun is a starwyrm discovered by the Omni millions of years ago, but it is unknown if it has any connection to the Jormun of mythology. The name and likeness were likely derived from deciphered Omni records stored in the Ice Temple.
  • Toorn - Toorn is the incarnation of the wrath of Levenslang. Should he be unleashed, the Final Battle will take place among gods and men.


The Khathics view the universe as a cosmic web which intertwines all worlds together. A fundamental unseen force connects every planet together like a great tree.


Khathics believe in an afterlife called Himmingarde. Upon death, the serpent Jormun would guide them to the other side where they could watch over their descendants from the shadows. When the wrathful incarnation of Levenslang known as Toorn appears, the Final Battle will take place. All of the dead will return from the shadows to face that threat.

Some believe that Toorn and the Anathema were one and the same.