Ice Temple

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The Ice Temple is a construct created on Ucharpli hidden somewhere in the Frozen Wasteland of Aggateya. It was originally a planetside facility constructed by the Omni to observe the Vaikan while they were still developing their civilization. Hundreds of thousands of years after the Omni went extinct, the site was rediscovered by early Vaikan tribes who made it into a sacred place of worship, but the harsh conditions of the area soon caused it to be lost to history once more.

The general vicinity of the Ice Temple was recorded to be somewhere near the Ridge of Xeng, a ridge shaped like a triangular prism. The Ice Temple has become extremely difficult to find because not only do bandits and aggressive fauna inhabit the land, but the Ice Temple was also buried in ice after the ice caps refroze following the nuclear holocaust. As a result, the outside of the Ice Temple remains invisible, covered in ice.


The Ice Temple consists of a central, circular sanctum with several pillars. In the middle is a pedestal which holds a Jormun's Ring, an artifact left behind by the Omni. The Ice Temple contains an internal virtual reality projection, allowing the inside to appear bigger than the outside via an illusion.