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Uszaroth is a Mavetian known for interfering with early Vaikan cultural development. He is known for inspiring the movement known as Uszarothianism.


During much of his early life, Uszaroth was very chaotic and unpredictable, having a strong disregard for conventional rules. He sought to cause grief to whomever he desires, but always wants to do it humorously in order to enjoy a good laugh. He taught others to do the same.

After he was exiled from his own people, he came believe that the Arckasians had abandoned their divine purpose to create and spread life. Thus, it inspired his core philosophy to teach others to follow what their original intended purpose was. He believed that as one of the architects of organic life that he should inspire and guide other organics into following their purpose - to embrace their destinies to evolve and become more powerful.


Uszaroth was among the Mavetians that stayed behind following the dismantling of the Empire of Arckas. However, he was exiled from his own people and was left to wander the universe. Not willing to give up on the Empire of Arckas' original creed of creating life and civilization, he took it upon himself to interfere with the development of another civilization so that he could become their god. He arrived on the planet Ucharpli to spread his ideologies in secret to the Vaikan. He had chosen that planet in particular as he realized it was visited by other advanced species in the past which would give him a head start in uplifting the primitive civilization.

The Tokarthi, descendants of the Arckasian contemporary species known as the Aeliph, had caught wind of Uszaroth's actions. They were unable to capture him quietly and the Vaikan broke out into their own civil war with followers aligning themselves between following their own god Krayhan and the new god of Uszaroth. Although Uzsaroth was eventually captured, the Vaikan would mythologize the event over thousands of years, and Uszaroth would be considered part of their ancient pantheon of gods.

Although the Tokarthi had captured Uszaroth, they realized that Uszaroth would be too dangerous to be kept within the Crucible Galaxy itself, and so they imprisoned him on the remote planet of Alk'charis which was beyond the edge of the galaxy. Uszaroth would remain trapped there for thousands of years.

Uszaroth would be released during the Chaos Crisis to consult him on how to stop LUCIS.