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Sashelma is a fictional character from the Jaranese VR series Krayhanya-TanMeido da Yabokashi. The films depict mythological beings called daughters of Krayhan who arrive from the Celestial Plane after being injured in battle against a war with Morduin. These daughters took the form of Vaikan to blend into society while they recovered their powers, but their time spent in the physical plane has caused many of them to develop attachments to the more mundane lifestyles of the Vaikan. Sashelma was among other Dragon Daughters Kezoa and Yoltoria (the latter of which is the name of the first planet in the Szon system although the name comes from a common source in mythology) and each of them have different personalities.


Sashelma became a breakout hit for being a comedic relief character with a sweet, yet clumsy personality - a direct contrast to the other Dragon Daughters who are far more serious, and battle hardened. A running gag throughout the series came about Sashelma's simple desire for Geolichen potatoes often prioritizing their acquisition over more pressing concerns. Most of the humor came about from how serious Sashelma became about acquiring the potatoes even in the middle of battle with other mythological creatures.

Sashelma became one of the most popular characters in the VR series and became one of the most common VR companions among teenage and young adult male Vaikan (a considerable portion of female Vaikan have also enjoyed Sashelma as a VR companion). Effectively, the character became defictionalized with a large number of AI's based off of her personality. Famously, a particular mountaintop on Namai-2 was named Mt. Sashelma - Duke Tythis Mayn commissioned the construction of a shrine in the location where visitors could offer Geolichen potatoes and other succulent foods to honor their fictional idol.

Famously, wars have also been fought over Sashelma as well. A few of Namai's earls became upset over the duke's favoritism over Sashelma. One particularly vocal earl named Kreiv Aistra was fonder of Kezoa. After demands of equal representation of Kezoa failed, Kreiv lead a raiding party of bots to sack Sashelma's shrine. The raid was thwarted after Kreiv was captured and held at gunpoint to admit that Sashelma was the superior character. Though he publicly renounced his beliefs, he still kept a Kezoa VR companion for his personal use and attempted to cultivate the following in secret.

The popularity with Sashelma has also extended beyond the Karalian Empire. During the UESS invasion of Namai - shortly after Mt. Sashelma was captured, some Eteno soldiers were caught offering portions of their MRE's unto the shrine. Remarkably, in spite of the invasion, the soldiers were careful not to damage the shrine, using the area only as a forward operating base.