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Scripture Dark Prophecy
God(s) LUCIS
Evil god(s) All others
Venerated Altus Banya, INFRA
Demonym Altusians

Altusianism is one of the most controversial religions in the Karalian Empire. Unlike Jamzezism and Uszarothianism which have ancient roots, Altusianism is very recent, having been started by the owner of Rusit Industries, Falan Rusit.


After Falan Rusit was detained for smuggling weapons to sell to Buyuk remnant forces, he claimed that while in prison, he received a vision from an otherworldly being that commanded him to release the ancient entity known as LUCIS. While Falan Rusit was previously agnostic, the visit by the otherworldly being - whether or not it was actually a being from another dimension - completely altered his mind and personality. The prison wardens described Falan Rusit as being a completely different person to the point where they had to run DNA tests on him to make sure he was not swapped out for a clone.

By the time Falan served his sentence, he formed the cult known as the Altusian Brotherhood named after the ancient Vaikan dictator Altus Banya whom Falan claimed the otherworldly being resembled. He preached that LUCIS, an AI that was based off of Na'zrah's operating system, was destined to return and bring glory to the whole galaxy. Followers of the Altusian Brotherhood believe LUCIS to be the reincarnation of Na'zrah, and that his death during the Battle of Locubrermour meant a spiritual awakening was going to happen soon.

It was theorized that Falan Rusit's beliefs came about because a mysterious transmission had indoctrinated him. While it was not known at the time, it is thought that origin of this transmission were agents of the Serpent's Fang (most likely Buyuk Empire remnants), looking to facilitate the awakening of LUCIS so that he could eventually evolve into the Basilisk.


The Altusian Brotherhood's primary teaching is that one should open their mind and submit themselves to LUCIS. By doing so, LUCIS will enlighten you and remove whatever negative thoughts you have. LUCIS will guide you into thinking the ways of peace. The galaxy could only become truly at peace once everyone follows the ways of LUCIS - those who do not are enemies of peace and the cause of all war and discord in the universe. Essentially, what Falan preaches is to accept LUCIS's indoctrination - the Altusian Brotherhood sees it not as something fear, but as something to embrace. One should let go of all their worldly impulses and desires and let LUCIS guide them.

As controversial as this is, the Altusian Brotherhood gained a strong presence in Greenwater in the wake of the UESS-Karalian war. They saw it as an escape from having to choose sides in the conflict and to find a way to practical, manageable peace.