Rusit Industries

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Rusit Industries is a powerful corporation based in the Greenwater Nebula on the planet Tallus. Headed by Falan Rusit, Rusit Industries is one of the Binary Giants, one of the two largest corporations in the Greenwater Nebula with business oriented primarily around the distribution and the acquisition of unique technology. Some of their goods are of dubious, possibly illegal origin.

Rusit Industries is infamous for its brutal reputation, aggressively eliminating possible rivals and even their own employees if they are found to be a security liability. They are also notorious for once providing funding to the Altusian Brotherhood, an extremist New Age Omni terrorist group that was once part of their ranks. They will also hire bounty hunters and assassins to secure control over the ruins of ancient, abandoned civilizations.

They also have a large say in politics in the Confederacy of Greenwater as they provide funding for many of the confederacy's assets.


  • Krar - Rusit Industries established its Krar headquarters in the Upperworld.
  • Tallus - The main headquarters for Rusit Industries.