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Paria is a realm on Ucharpli located on the continent of Tralgatar. While the natives originated from Refuge Crater, most of the population consists of those from Joper descent.


While the majority of the continent consists of rainforests and swamps, most of the population lives in the mountains on the east coast. The wildlife is more diverse than anywhere else on the planet.


  • Brayil - A populated city
  • Tezokinlan - A city originally built by the native Parians. The ancient ruins and temples here serve as a historical site.


Originally being a colonial settlement, the Parians had several councils such as a House of Delegates. Today, they have since broken away to become an independent nation with a democracy and a president.


The people of Joper sought to establish a hold on the world's oceans much like Yallvus sought to conquer the land. Along with Shinereach Archipelago, the Joperians were the first to discover the continent of Tralgatar. They quickly pushed the natives to the rainforests below and established several colonies spanning across the eastern coast.

Exploration of the rest of Tralgatar has been very difficult. Not only was the humidity of the area considered dangerous, but the life forms in Tralgatar are extremely hostile even compared to other environments on Ucharpli. Like the Frozen Wasteland, the jungles of Tralgatar remain for the most part unsettled.


While Paria today is Jamzezist, the natives still practice their belief in what is called Old Parian. They believe that Ucharpli is an actual living being and is the caretaker of all life. Shamen can communicate with the planet itself by speaking with elemental spirits.

Creation story

In the far past, the world was an egg. The creator god, wishing to have some companions, broke this egg open and a boulder came out of it. He then told his pet leopard to shape a world for him so that he could bring life to the boulder. After the world was created, the Creator created the elemental spirits so that the world itself could speak to the inhabitants.

Before the Creator departed, he brought the Vaikan from another plane of existence and placed them on the world.