People's Republic of Motina

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The People's Republic of Motina was one of the Karalian Empire's earliest rivals. They are based on the moon Ner'Ackarra and are led by the AI mind Eskia Latchet, a Vaikan who uploaded his consciousness to a computer.


Ban on weaponry

After the fall of the Allied Sovereign Nations 800 years ago, independent Vaikan communities sprung up trying to run their own civilizations. With cloning becoming the only means of reproduction, some government officials saw this as a chance to restart and control the population from the ground up. Having just endured the hysteria of the Vaikan violently reacting to losing their fertility, from the ashes rose a new form of government that sought to become the perfect pacifist nation. But this came with a cost.

It was decreed that all forms of weaponry were banned within the borders of Motina. But with weapons still being traded on the black market and many criminals simply using either their fists or their electricity, it simply wasn't enough. Great walls were built around their cities and new clones were decreed to be born with atrophied muscles. Thus, they could not hold or use any sort of weapons.

And in spite of that, an attempted coup de etat lead to the government imposing the rule that all citizens were to be born with lower intelligence and to essentially never feel disgruntlement. Not even the government officials could be trusted so Motina ultimately left themselves in the hands of an AI supercomputer to run their civilization.

The surprising aspect was that this model of keeping the peace within their borders actually worked. They remained that way for hundreds of years. Every now and then however, a "defect" clone would be born who would have normal Vaikan proportions. They were viewed as heretics and outcasts and were executed swiftly. However, there were those that escaped. These refugees helped to build the numbers for the fledgling Karalian Empire that had only recently established itself on Ucharpli.


The People's Republic of Motina, while having claimed to achieve internal peace on Ner'Ackarra, also claimed to have maintained the perfect diversity and gender ratio as a means of preserving Vaikan ethnicities following the sterility plague. This is true mostly out of technicality. They maintain a strict quota of 14% of each of the 7 main Vaikan ethnicities and exactly 50% male and female. New clones were always produced in pairs, and their gender and ethnicity were altered during the growing process to conform to the quota. A regular census is done to make sure the quota is maintained at all times.

However, this does not ensure the quota is met all the time. Accidental deaths through injury or disease, criminals, citizens fleeing to other nations are all factors into the population quota getting skewed. When this happens, random members of the population are taken into custody and are forced to undergo genetic editing to have their appearance edited right down to the bone structure. Many citizens that live within Motina however were raised to be okay with this as the concept of ownership and personal identity was considered obsolete and detrimental to society. They have complete faith in the AI Eskia Latchet to make decisions for them.

It is thought the reasoning for this was to preserve the various ethnicities across Vaikan history was to prevent them from going extinct, albeit in an extreme way. The era of force genetic restructuring by the Eghos as well as the disappearance of a lot of cultures after the sterility plague made large sections of the gene pool vanish. Despite their questionable ethics, Motina put forth the prospect of recreating the time of true Vaikan diversity whereas other nations were attempting to perfect the Vaikan race by homogenizing it and removing supposed weaknesses. Nonetheless, what started as a benevolent effort to restore the populations of the other ethnicities grew into a form of social control which Eskia Latchet deemed necessary for the greater good or else the Sinister Wars could happen again.


Motina was originally formed by Eskia Latchet in an attempt to preserve the falling genetic diversity of the Vaikan after the sterility plague had prevented their species from breeding. It started off in a controlled environment where the population could be monitored directly at all times. Thus, genetic diversity was maintained and the population in Ner'Ackarra expanded over several centuries to cover the world. They had succeeded in restoring the ethnicity ratio present during the Allied Sovereign Nations and through excavation of ancient tombs even managed to revive some ancient ethnicities that had been extinct for thousands of years.

Those that escaped from Motina eventually teamed up with various pirate factions to form the Karalian Empire under Rustiagon Karalius who discovered the Tomb of Kings and uncovered the lost DNA of the Rustiagon bloodline.

The Karalian Empire attempted diplomacy with Motina in an attempt to open their borders, but this failed. They remained strictly isolationist. Motina was eventually toppled by a paramilitary organization made of former refugees and funded by the Karalian Empire. The chaos resulted in much of Ner'Ackarra becoming a Dark Zone, but over the next few decades, the Karalian Empire attempted to gentrify it using the opportunity to expand their influence.