Confederacy of Greenwater

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Confederacy of Greenwater
Setting: Galactic Crucibles
Capital Krar'Yallvus, Krar
Official languages Greenwater dialect
Species Vaikan, miscellaneous

70% New Age Omni
25% Cult of Uszaroth
4% Jamzezism

1% Other
Demonym Krarian
Government Confederacy, corporatocracy
• President
Kolin Laisve
 • Size >14 systems
 • Estimate 100 billion

The Confederacy of Greenwater is a nation of Vaikan origin with a capital based around Krar. It was headed by President Kolin Laisve.


The Confederacy of Greenwater is a loose union, mostly made up of loosely unified states owned by various corporations. A single president serves as the nation's figurehead, though most decisions are actually made by politicians and corporate executives.

The states of the confederacy tend to be the size of either a planet or a small collection of moons.

The Binary Giants

The capital of Krar'Yallvus hosts a number of embassies from the different corporations that run it. There are two major corporations (known as the Binary Giants) which are in power most of the time. Both have a bitter rivalry against one another.

  • Rusit Industries - A corporation that specializes in the acquisition of paleotechnology, and the excavation of ancient ruins. Many of their discoveries have jumped the Confederacy of Greenwater decades, even centuries ahead in technology.
  • Zalakrasa Society - An organization that specializes in the preservation of the environment often willing to engage in eco-terrorism to do so. Their major platform is terraformation to make the planets more habitable.

Other corporations

These other corporations, although much smaller than the previous two, specialize in different areas and do not compete directly with the Binary Giants.


Main article: Greenwater culture

The Confederacy of Greenwater had fairly open borders, inviting a diversity of species and creating a giant melting pot of ideas. Due to overpopulation, however, crime for the most part has been considered a normal part of everyday life. Most of the time, the police will completely ignore cases that do not affect more than a handful of people.


The Confederacy of Greenwater borrows many elements from the Karalian Empire when it comes to military structure right down to the style of the uniforms with the only difference being the color. However, there is significantly less unification.


Citizens have complete religious freedom in the Confederacy of Greenwater. Though New Age Omni is the most popular of religions, many choose to practice numerous different segments from different religions. For example, one might choose to follow the creed of New Age Omni, while following marital customs from Jamzezism.



The Confederacy of Greenwater mostly uses technology that they did not develop themselves, having traded it from other civilization or dug it up themselves in ancient ruins.