Adrenaline Cartels

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The Adrenaline Cartels are one of the oldest criminal organizations in the Karalian Empire. They deal with the trade of adrenaline extracted from other species. In Vaikan biology, a different chemical is used to regulate fear-response and fast reaction times, so adrenaline has unintended consequences if either ingested or administered into the bloodstream. Its effects are considered toxic, having a wide variety of side effects, but the most notable is that it acts as a super stimulant that can cause a Vaikan to go into an electrical frenzy. While naturally occurring, frenzies are invoked by fear, adrenaline gives a euphoric, pleasurable response to Vaikan. An excess of adrenaline, however, will kill a Vaikan making it incredibly dangerous. As such, it is considered a violation of the Code of Trust to use it.


Adrenaline Cartels run rampant in Dark Zones and are considered the most powerful criminal faction in those areas. In theory, Dark Zones are supposed to be 100% anarchy, but the Adrenaline Cartels' control over many of those areas often makes this not the case. The extent of these cartels is large enough that they've become nations of their own, and they often run backhand off the record deals with the local Low Earls and even the Dukes. They make use of hacked Royal Watch hardlight VR's as a means of infiltrating and avoiding getting arrested. These cartels are also prone to murdering any young Vaikan who refuses to join them.