Ramusian Socialist Republic

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The Ramusian Socialist Republic, the rival to the Children of the Dhragolon, was a collectivist faction that formed shortly after the fall of the Drallan Federal Monarchy


The RSR on the surface denies the existence of gods. However, not only do they deny them, but they are also completely against the idea of higher powers. Their belief systems often forced them into wars with the Children of the Dhragolon - most of which would end in stalemate. Neither could defeat the other - the Dhragolon saw the RSR as Vaikan with false souls imitating life, while the RSR saw the Dhragolon as primitive people who lived on fairy tales.

The RSR can perhaps very accurately be called anti-theists. The RSR believed that because they had already created technology on pars with gods (based on the technological standards of the time) that there could not exist an entity more powerful than them. To think there was something more powerful than them meant to admit defeat and to lack ambition. They believed that anyone who acknowledged Krayhan or any other gods was not a Vaikan at all, but a lesser-evolved being and deserved to be put into reeducation camps. The only authority to be recognized was the head of the RSR - those who performed their duties as part of the RSR were hailed as being a part of the most highly evolved race in the galaxy.

The RSR taught to its people that Vaikan were not individuals, but collective aspects of a greater force known as the "Vaikan race". That is, everyone should act and think as if they were a representative of the Vaikan species. A form of collectivism so to speak enforced through data chip implantations and other devices that impeded the ability to form deviant thoughts. All Vaikan had to think and act the same in order to agree with one another with a long-term goal of creating the most "evolved" species in the galaxy.

Unlike the Dhragolon which allowed some forms of art albeit very limited, the RSR did not allow any forms of art whatsoever. The RSR believed that creating art was a waste of time, when that time could be spent instead producing more resources for the greater community. Art would also give citizens ideas which would be too deviant to exist in their society. Many of the implants the RSR used to keep their population under control was to limit their ability to get bored, but they couldn't erase it altogether. What the RSR did to solve this case was to have special exceptions - pamphlets and other books describing the glorious history of the RSR which citizens had to study for. At nearly any time, a police officer could approach a citizen and ask them a question based on information found in these pamphlets. Getting it wrong would result in either being arrested or being put into forced labor camp.