History of the Vaikan

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The history of the Vaikan details their evolution and the various civilizations they created. The calendar model of ages was initially created by the Children of the Dhragolon. Since then, the nations that followed have redesigned it and modified it.

First Age - Ancient Age

Main article: First Age of the Vaikan

The First Age is the prehistoric era, taking place long before recorded history.

Second Age - Religious Age

Main article: Second Age of the Vaikan

The Second Age begins around the time where the earliest evidence of recorded history was discovered. It covers the pre-industrial era of the Vaikan as well as the founding of the ten nations of Ucharpli.

Third Age - Imperial Age

Main article: Third Age of the Vaikan

The Third Age begins when the Vaikan began to master the use of electricity in conjunction with practical machines. It is one of the shortest ages, lasting approximately 1,500 years.

Fourth Age - Space Age

Main article: Fourth Age of the Vaikan

The Space Age covers the rise of the Drallan Federal Monarchy following approximately 7,000 years of the rise and fall of various other Vaikan civilizations.

Fifth Age - Rise of Karalia

Main article: Fifth Age of the Vaikan

The Fifth Age begins when Rustiagon Karalius discovered the preserved DNA of the Rustiagon bloodline in an ancient tomb on Ucharpli. Using this blood, he declared himself a new king and aimed to reorganize the remnants of the Vaikan.

Sixth Age - Anathema Aftermath

Main article: Sixth Age of the Vaikan

The Sixth Age begins with the founding of the Second Karalian Empire after the threat of the Anathema has subsided. The Eye of Uszaroth went supernova, resulting in much of the Twin Hearts Nebula being rendered uninhabitable. The center of Vaikan civilization was relocated to Jaran.