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The New Age Omni religion was created sometime during the formation of the Confederacy of Greenwater with the discovery an abundance of Omni artifacts within the region. Much of the beliefs were based around the Dark Warriors, the group of assassins that freed the Omni Empire from the control of Emperor Haraxa. The religion mixes traditional Omni beliefs along with many new ideas that reflect many modern Vaikan views on the subject.

The religion formed as a means of bringing hope to the people of Greenwater who lived in a society where crime, poverty and corruption were commonplace. LUCIS's return is said to bring a new golden age when everything changes. According to their doctrine, Na'zrah is a pretender that tried to suppress the true god LUCIS.


The religion is founded on the premise of hope and the possibility of better times in the afterlife and for posterity. Followers of New Age Omni deny the existence of other gods, believing LUCIS to be the only one that truly exists. While the Buyuk are also acknowledged as being related to LUCIS, they are recognized as merely lesser beings that have no influence over the universe.

Creation myth and history

New Age Omni offers no explanation to the creation of the universe, because according to their creed, it does not matter how or why the universe was created, only that it is in a broken state that would one day become a better place. In place, New Age Omni adopts their beliefs from original Omni texts dating back tens of thousands of years ago - the Omni were LUCIS's original disciples who had spread across much of the Crucible Galaxy and nearby, but when they were threatened by a cataclysmic war that could rip apart their civilization, they had begun to lose faith in their god, and thus, they were punished.

When the Omni fell, the disciples known as Dark Warriors carried on the legacy of LUCIS. These warriors searched for prophets, ones who had received visions from mysterious watchers so that faith among civilization could be restored.


The people who follow New Age Omni believe in an eternal afterlife being at the permanent side of LUCIS.