Ramusian Isolated Social Experiment Worlds

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Ramusian Isolated Social Experiment Worlds
Setting: Galactic Crucibles
Official languages Ramusian
Species Vaikan
Demonym Ramusian
Government Republic
 • Size 1 system
 • Estimate 4 billion

The Ramusian Isolated Social Experiment Worlds is a single star system located in a remote, largely inaccessible region of the South Arm located between the Twin Hearts Nebula and the Krizael Expanse. Found in the FM binary pair Aurinko, the RISEW is located across the terraformed moons of the gas giant Bustean as well as some nearby asteroids.

Designed by the Ramusian Socialist Republic, the RISEW was created as a social experiment as a means of not only firsthand research into alternate forms of government, but to serve as a place where even society's outcasts could be useful. If someone in the RSR could no longer perform their duties either due to old age, getting injured, or simply being non-compliant with the law, they'd be subjected to being performed in social and biological experiments. While the aged and the injured are often used as test subjects for new types of implants or medicines, criminals and felons (referred to collectively as the non-compliant) were put into areas with much more morally questionable implications. They were exiled to the Ramusian Isolated Social Experiment Worlds - dedicated planets or moons with specific themes to them. For example, Cinakova is a world of complete anarchy and no forms of government. Anyone living here can do whatever they please. Cinakova is believed to be the first example of a Vaikan Dark Zone - and ironically, some prefer living here than either the RSR or the Children of the Dhragolon.

Other experimental worlds are vastly different themed such as Varova where everyone is constantly live-action roleplaying a medieval fantasy setting where "magic" is recreated with nanobots, androids serve as NPC's and magical beasts are created with genetic engineering. An artificial intelligence carefully manages resources, watching over the players and serving as the only means of government. Denizens gain experience and level-up as if it were a game. Because art does not actually exist in the RSR, Varova's existence is largely kept a secret, and those who enter it are not allowed to return to the RSR. Interestingly, people on Varova are allowed to visit Cinakova to kill criminals for experience points.

When the RSR disbanded, these isolated experimental worlds became lost colonies. The prisoners, unaware that their RSR overseers became long dead, continued their games as if nothing happened.

Government structure

The RISEW was run by a small elite group known as admins which come in two levels in a hierarchy. All admins were given access to all available nanotech abilities present in the roleplay allowing them to subdue anyone or travel to inaccessible locations if need be. The admins serve as law enforcement, stepping in to apprehend rulebreakers and mediate community disputes.

Level Two admins are the highest ranking and are responsible for keeping the Level One admins in check. Ultimately, it is the artificial intelligence that remains in charge as it is responsible for the distribution of all of the resources.


Players interact with one another, doing quests and exchanging goods with one another. The only catch is that death is permanent. Player versus player combat to the death is legal on some worlds, but not others. If a player is caught breaking the rules, then the artificial intelligence will send drones in to apprehend the player, "banning" them by taking them to a space station in high orbit.


Inhabitants of the RISEW engage in LARPing their entire lives. They act out their roles to the point where they begin to believe they really are that role and are not just playing a game.

Completing certain quests, or tasks given by the android NPCs, are considered rites of passage. Thus, the number of quests completed is considered a status symbol among players. In the PvP zones, however, status is based on how many enemies they defeated.


Ironically, even though the Social Experiment Worlds were considered by many to be a great artistic achievement, art itself was still banned in the RSR. As such, it became shrouded in myths and legends. A fantasy world where inhabitants could escape from the dull, dreariness of everyday life. Until the RSR's fall, it either denied its existence or portrayed it as a hellish penal colony intended to punish the non-compliant to prevent citizens from getting themselves arrested on purpose to go there.

Since the fall of the RSR, the RISEW still continued to run, the inhabitants unaware of the happenings outside their solar system. It was not long before players begun to have children with one another, until after many generations, they forgot that they were in a live action roleplaying game to begin with.

However, after two thousand years, much of the technological systems behind the RISEW began to fail. Around the time of the sterility plague, "magic" stopped working and many of the genetically engineered creatures begun to go extinct due to their reliance on the RISEW's systems to survive. The actual inhabitants managed to adapt, but it soon started to descend into anarchy. Some continued to uphold the rules while others started doing whatever it took to survive. However, the sterility plague eventually caused the slow declination of population resulting in the worlds becoming abandoned.