Vaikan Preindustrial Worlds

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The Vaikan Preindustrial Worlds (often shorted to Preindustrial Worlds) consist of the numerous Vaikan colonies which have elected to live a lifestyle with non-digital technology. Because these worlds have little to offer economically to the greater interstellar powers, the Preindustrial Worlds are left alone, living in a state of isolationism. No jump gates lead directly to their systems, and as such, map makers often do not show them on standard star maps. The only way to reach these worlds is through long trips into uncharted areas.

Individual worlds also have very small population as even though they have worlds entirely to themselves, the Vaikan inhabitants have not seriously explored and colonized the various continents and islands believing that expansion would promote corruption.


The Preindustrial Worlds were originally formed after the fall of the Drallan Federal Monarchy left most of their original technology nonfunctional. As a result, they had to resort to using their survival skills to rebuild their society. While some worlds managed to regain interstellar technology such as the Karalian Empire and the Confederacy of Greenwater, some colonies proclaimed computers and electronics to be taboo believing advanced technology to be evil.

After the Karalian Crusades and the Greenwater Treaties assimilated many of the lower tech worlds, very few Preindustrial Worlds remained. The most predominant are a twin set of worlds located in the Aurinko system known as Cinakova and Varova. These two worlds were the remains of a social experiment abandoned by the Ramusian Socialist Republic, leaving the inhabitants to their own devices for centuries. After many years of infighting, both worlds denounced what they believed to be the evils of digital technology, building up a foreign policy that makes them near total isolationists.


Every world has their own unique culture although they share many common elements. The Preindustrial Worlds tend to have deep religious views of the Drallan Federal Monarchy and other precursor Vaikan civilizations, believing that they deserved to fall due to rejecting the gods. Trihorns and Yoltox are the chief form of transportation with the general lack of motorized vehicles.